Sick On The Couch On Halloween

Thursday, October 31, 2013

I'm here drinking my coffee on the couch and feeling quite sorry for myself this morning, if you wanna know the truth.
It's Halloween, and I love Halloween and I want to be excited about the costumes and the candy and the school stuff...
But Wyatt woke up at 3:00 a.m. throwing up and now has to miss Halloween.
The strong, it'll be fine mom in me completely vanished and the crying, life is so rough mom in me is here today instead.
And she ain't pretty, folks.

I'm sad that he is missing Halloween, that he doesn't get to go to his school party or the school parade... Mad that he has to miss the
glutton-filled night of trick-or-treating, McDonald's for supper and staying up late for a Halloween movie... the best way to spend
Halloween night, in my opinion.

Part of me wants to throw a big, fat fit about it and the other part realizes it's not the end of the world and I am grateful it is just the flu.
But really?
I just want to throw a fit mostly... with lots of cussing and maybe kicking.

But the Halloween festivities did go on...
Wyatt was going to be a detective and Charlotte was a Reporter/Photographer, we used what we already had around here pretty much
out of pure laziness on my part.
Sometimes I think the creative use-whatcha-got costumes are the best ones though.
Charlotte's name tag says: Charlotte B., The Daily News.

Tonight while Eric and Charlotte went trick-or-treating, Wyatt and I watched Ghostbusters for the first time(for him). 
We didn't have nearly as many trick-or-treaters as we usually do because it rained all day.
We made the best of it though, I guess.
Now the kids are in bed and I am raiding the candy bags for peanut m & m's while watching the original Halloween.
I have to confess, just the music is enough to scare me... and that mask?

So it wasn't the BEST Halloween ever... but I guess they can't all be, huh?
October is actually one of my very favorite months of the year, maybe my most favorite, 
but this hasn't been the best month.
I usually dread the beginning of November because I know the long, cold Winter is coming...
but I might just be ready for it this year.
Happy last day of October to you.


  1. SO hope everyone is better now? I think this was our last year for our youngest to go trick or treating....times they are a changing:) WIsh we could just stop and capture some days/hours so that we could go back in time and just BE there once again...

  2. Everyone WAS better... now Wyatt is sick again! Ugh. It's gonna be a loooong Winter, huh? And I know exactly what you mean... I feel the same way.


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