Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Good morning.
Already Day 5 in November.... Say Whaaat?
I can't believe it's November and we will be headed into the Holiday season before long... and way too soon.
But I can't even think about that right now, because Halloween was less than a week ago.

So anyway,  grab a cup of coffee and sit down with me and let's chat this morning.
Oh! Speaking of Coffee.... Over the weekend I saw someone holding a cup of Starbucks coffee in the RED CUP!
The red cups are here!
Hello, skinny peppermint mocha.... Come to mama!! I'm definitely getting myself one this week.
But back to today's coffee though...

I'm really having my coffee on the front porch under a heavy blanket today, but this above was where
I had my coffee on Sunday... in the backyard on a pile of blankets in the leaves.
It was a beautiful day Sunday. Absolutely beautiful.
We played in the back yard, did a little work(well, not me), had a fire in the fire pit, and made S'mores. 
The weather was perfect, a little chill to the air but not cold at all.

When you're lucky, moments like these can somehow cancel out all of the crappy ones.
I wish I could just bottle these moments up and just save them for later when I really need them...
You know? Because I could really use them later on... like a lot.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning...

I would have to tell you that we had a fun + crazy busy weekend.

Friday night was a night out with my best girls, dinner + drinks and music?
Yes, please!
Friday night and Saturday morning we had a Photography Fundraiser for school
 and I volunteered to be one of the photographers...maybe not my first choice on how to spend 
my weekends... but it went well. 
It was actually kinda fun.

Saturday night was the Friends & Family Preview Night at TapRoot(my brother's restaurant)
the official open date is 11-11-13.
The night was so awesome and so much fun! 
I have a whole bunch of pictures to share but I will leave you with this one, which is the 
Grilled Provoleta. You just can't go wrong with cheese... EVER.
Oh my... it was so good. SO GOOD.

It was a good, full weekend with lots of family and friends...and good food and drinks...
and more fun.
I felt lucky and grateful all weekend or the friends and family in my life.
Tis' the Season, huh?


Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.... 
Where are you having your coffee today?
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