10 Favorite Cozy Things

Thursday, November 7, 2013

'Tis the Season to be chilly here in the Midwest.
The cold,  oh the cold...  it's coming, it's definitely coming.
Instead of whining and fighting the impending Season(I mean, don't get me wrong, I'll do that later), I thought I would share a few
of my most favorite cozy-weather things.

1.  A hot mug of coffee in my hands. The best. 

2.  Old faded quilts + afghans

3.  Scarves.

4.  Stacks of books.

5.  Baking- bread, pies, cakes, cookies...

6.  Candles. Lots of candles.

7.  Twinkle lights int he house

8.  Hot Chocolate with LOTS of mini marshmallows

9.  A fire in the fireplace

10.  Holing up inside, while it's snowing outside, and watching movies with the kids on the couch under a bunch of blankets and eating popcorn!


What are your favorite ways to survive the cold months?
Any little things that make Winter bearable for you?
Do tell.


  1. Home,ade bread and soup for dinner.
    Knitting project close by.
    Wool socks from costco.
    Hot tub or a bubble bath.
    Thick robe and lounge pants.
    Cats and dog nearby.

  2. I so wish that we had a fireplace!!

  3. Yep. These are great. I miss a real winter.

    1. really?? I remember us both pouring over realtor.com to escape that "real winter". Scottsdale here we come! remember???

    2. I think I would miss a "real winter" in theory but in reality, the lack of sunlight just about does me in!!! :(

  4. Boots! Hats:) Candles! My electric blanket. Which got ruined. I need another.

    1. I have a weird fear of electric blankets, i've never used one. I imagine that one would like short circuit and start a fire on me in the middle of the night. Weird, I know.

  5. Pretty much everything on this list is how I deal with winter. Hopefully it will be mild this year.


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