Holiday Home :: A Vintage + Eclectic Mix

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hello there.
Welcome to my little home,  all decorated up for the Holidays.
I don't go overboard with the Christmas decorations... I like a little but not so much that I have to do any major rearranging...

My approach to decorating for Christmas is using what I have, keeping it simple and of course adding little thrifty finds I pick up throughout the year.
And the one thing I won't compromise on is having a REAL, fresh Christmas tree every year.
I love the smell, I love the tradition and I just love how pretty they are.

Come on in....

One of my favorite more recent finds are these pastel light-up Churches(above) I got at Target a few years ago after Christmas for 75% off.
I think they ended up costing me $5 each.

Below is our little Christmas Countdown that hangs across the windows in the dining room.
I made it from a couple of falling apart vintage children's books a few years ago; I just cut the pages, folded and glued them to make little pockets
and then punched holes in them and hung them with red + white twine.
I cut the numbers from magazine pages.

At my house you WON'T find anything matchy-matchy... or even matching a little bit.
The only presents you'll find under the tree this early is the pictures and little things Charlotte has been making and wrapping herself for all of us.
Mine will be under the tree and wrapped on Christmas Eve.... very late on Christmas Eve, I might add.
Some years I do more and better with decorating and sometimes I just don't.
The older I get and the busier everything becomes the less pressure I put on myself....  the holidays are crazy enough and I'm not going to make it crazier if I can help it.

So there are some of my favorite little corners of our home right now.
Just think... this will all be down soon and it will all seem so empty again!
So I'm enjoying it for another week and a half or so.... and then in January I'm going to have to put up a bunch of twinkly lights because
I get so used to them in December.

Happy, happy Wednesday!

Christmas is ONE WEEK from today you guys.... YIKES!


  1. I love it! I'm all for the mix match and more personal feel. It makes it more you...if that makes sense.

  2. Love it! So cozy indeed :) I so wish I could come over and share a hot mug of something :) Enjoy!

  3. all your vintage touches are so YOU! thanks for the look-see, missy :)

  4. Love seeing your vintage touches:) We also get a real tree each year...unfortunately with a newer kitten in the house it has come down..TWICE! The first time without any ornament or lights on it...the second time..not so lucky..lost 3 ornaments..SO it sits leaning in the corner..thinking tonight we will try again.

  5. Everything about this says HOME and HOLIDAY love. It just oozes coziness. I missed coming here and reading your thoughts, Amy.


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