A Happier, Skinnier, Less-Worrying, More Content Me

Sunday, February 23, 2014

We were in a little town near home yesterday and we passed this house and I was like--
Say what?
An actual gingerbread hose with flowers on it?
Why am I not living here?
I should totally be living here.

And then a little scene passes through my mind while I am pulled over taking pictures of this sweet house while the kids are in
the back saying;
"Look, mommy! It even has flowers on the side!"
It's Me :: dressed in work-out clothes, going for a run, out back gardening, fixing dinner(happily!) in the kitchen of this sweet
little house in this small town...
helping the kids with their homework(not even stressed!), and walking to the grocery store(and always remembering my own bags!)...
family bike rides where EVERYONE is happy!
Thinner, happier, knowing I am exactly where I was supposed to live...doing exactly what I know I am meant to be doing!

All because of a house.
That I haven't been inside.
And in a town where I don't really want to live.
But, but, but.... I would be so   H  A  P  P  Y.
I mean, right?


Do you do this?
I mean.... Please tell me I am not alone.
Just questioning, imagining.... wondering if you really are right where you should be?
Maybe it's my age(40 brings lots of this shit, folks...just warning you).
Maybe it's just me... maybe it's a mom-female-woman thing, maybe I'm totally normal... maybe I'm not.

I really, really do love that house though.


  1. Totally normal... I picture myself in a mountain chalet in the Alps in a perfect life... as if the city girl that I am could actually live in a village in the middle of nowhere in the snow... but hey, I am past 40 too, so there you go!

    1. Well, I am so glad I am not alone in my fantasizing craziness! : ) And by the way, the Alps sound dreamy... and I am no big fan of snow either! Ha!!

  2. Love this post! it made me smile. Normal. Healthy. Necessary escape from reality. And did you know "necessary" only has one "c"….cause until a year ago, it thought it had two. Happy Day to you!

  3. Yep feel that way about Hawaii. If I could live in Hawaii I'd be happier because the sun is shining every day. I'd be able to walk and ride my bicycle all time time which means 10 pounds would just melt off. It's easy to do. That house was sweet worthy. Flowers!! Who has cute flowers on their house. Looked like a Mary Englebreit cottage.

    1. That's exactly what I thought when I saw it-- Mary Engelbreit done moved to Argenta! : ) My friend Shauna is in Hawaii... I wonder what she has to say about your fantasy? Just glad to know i am nit SO abnormal anyway... ;)

  4. i swear we could be sisters.
    seriously. we think alike.


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