Friday Favorites.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Good morning and Happy Friday.
I could just cry this morning hearing that another 6+ inches might be headed our way Sunday...
This really is the Winter that just    W  O  N  '  T      E  N  D.
But Saturday is March 1 and I just keep telling myself... It can't last that much longer, right?
I mean... RIGHT? 

Getting me through this morning is hot coffee, sunshine and 80's alternative radio on Pandora.
It's the little, simple things that get us through the big, crappy things, right?

Favorite song lyrics
Coffee in the snow
This girl
Record stores


Little treasures
Flowers + dreaming of Spring
Good books
Quiet mornings

Little reminders
This boy
Feeling the sun
Country roads



Tomorrow is March 1 and I'm ready for a brand, new month...
I've got plans and big ideas and I am starting some brand NEW things... tomorrow!
Bring it on, March. I am so very  ready.

{ ps- i am lucky13amy on instagram }

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  1. Heyyyyyy! March is going to be SO busy, so I'm excited and a little scared too. Also your girl looks gorgeous in that picture. Also also, that book looks good!


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