Day Trippin' :: Third Sunday Flea Market

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Last Sunday I had big, big plans, we finally had a free day at home and I was going to get caught up on laundry, deep clean
the kitchen, organize my office... 
I had a long list. 
It was so overdue, this messy unorganized house of mine is suffering- Which, I have learned,
makes me suffer as well... But that's another post for another day.

ANYWAY,  around noon I realized today was the Third Sunday Market in Bloomington, about 45 minutes away, and all
cleaning plans went quickly out the window. 
It's funny how fast I can find anything better to do than cleaning or what I really need to be doing at home... Anything.

It was so worth the short trip though and the kids and I had a lot of fun!
Sometimes you just have to    G  E  T    A  W  A  Y..... for the day, for the night, for a few hours..
I do. I really, really do.
I need adventure, a change of scenery... no matter how small.
They love hunting and rummaging for treasures just like their Mama so taking them along with me is never a mistake. 

I love how they see things that they know I will love or that I collect and get so excited-- rusty things, chippy paint things,
big numbers and letters.... They know me pretty well.
I also love that they love looking through old things, figuring out what they are, and deciding how they are going to spend their money.

On our drive back home that evening I asked them why they liked going on day trips and adventures and their answers
really made me smile -- 
"Because you always see something new! 
Because we get to go out to eat at different places! 
Because you might see an owl or something you've never seen before(that happened once)"

It didn't hurt that the market had mini donuts and lemon shake-ups.
I mean, that's always a good thing.
Or that we passed a pool on the way to the Market that had a huge, cool water slide- the next day Charlotte started on a
Summer List and visiting that pool wa sone of the first things on there.

It was a good, good day.
I hope that one day my kids remember me for jumping in the car and doing fun, spontaneous things with them....
Not that I was always nice or gave them what they wanted exactly but for going on little
adventures with them and sharing something we all love together.

I really hope so.


What is one of your    f  a  v  o  r  i  t  e     things to do with your kids?
Or yourself?
Or that you can't wait to do with kids one day...?

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