Birthday Celebratin'

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Last Sunday we celebrated my Birthday with my family at our house.
Normally we celebrate family Birthdays at my parent's house, we get to pick the meal and the desserts and we celebrate
with my brother and sister and their families.
I think maybe everyone's favorite part of their own Birthday party, besides us all getting together, is choosing the menu.
And, you know, that's where it ends... just picking the menu.

On Sunday it was over 100* With the humidity... it was so crazy.
It was the kind of hot where you sit on the patio under the umbrella table and just sweat.
It was the perfect day for the kids to swim with their cousins though and that's what they've been wanting to do
They had so much fun together... There's truly nothing in the world like your cousins.

The kids caught the infamous ICE CREAM TRUCK !
It's funny because I think it's only the second time all Summer they've caught him.
All the cousins got to run out and get something approximately 5 minutes before lunch
was ready.
That's something I normally wouldn't do but it felt like the perfect time to do it-
Probably the last hot weekend of Summer and right out of the pool.
Remember the days when your parent's let you do things like that?
Those were the days...Sigh.

For dessert I chose homemade cherry pie.
My mom makes a mean cherry pie, complete with my grandma's crust recipe.
She also made homemade chocolate pie and brownies so I didn't have to share all
 of my pie.
And look at that adorable little mini pie she made me. SWOON.

It was a really good day and definitely makes getting another year older just a
Little bit easier, for sure.
I need to do a separate post to show you the AMAZING quilt my mom surprised
me with.
It is seriously one of the coolest and most special things anyone has ever made for me/done for me.
Pictures soon.

Hope you're having a great Holiday weekend!


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  1. So glad you had an awesome birthday. I used to love it when we were allowed to get an ice cream from the truck (or van as we call it in the UK) x x x x


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