A Perfectly Dreamy Saturday Night

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Oh, Saturday night... you did me right.
If I could pick just a few of my favorite LITTLE things in life that just make me really HAPPY,  I 
Would include pretty much everything from the Hot Air Balloon Festival this weekend.
Honestly, the beautiful hot air balloons would be enough alone, but then there were the funnel cakes, lemon shake-ups and mini donuts.
The rides lit up at night, the Hot air balloons doing their light show at night.... all of it.
I'm pretty sure the cinnamon + sugar mini donuts are sent straight from heaven, by the way.

This night was so good and I'm glad it didn't disappoint because I had been looking 
Forward to it since we went last year.
Luckily I didn't have super high expectations though because when I do I am usually disappointed... which is just a silly thing we do to ourselves sometimes.

I considered riding the Tilt-A-Whirl for about a second before remembering I really
Didn't want to throw up my funnel cake- it was my supper and dessert.
This mama has developed herself a fairly weak stomach in my older age.
It's funny be cause I don't really enjoy the rides all that much but I love to see them.
And really  LOVE taking pictures of the rides and the carnival...  all of it.

The swings. AHHHH.... as if the swings aren't AWESOME enough...
The swings at night??
Seriously dreamy.
The sky was so pretty last night and a beautiful background for the balloon
and the rides both.
My kids loved the swings and even my boy who used to be really afraid of heights
rode the swings without hesitation and loved it.

I'm tucking these pictures and these memories away, thankful for a hot, sweet night
With my two favorite little people in the world.
There's really nothing better.

Hope you had a happy weekend.


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