It's Closing In....

Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Birthday is Monday.
And although I like my Birthday, because who doesn't?... it also signals the beginning of the school year for us.
And more importantly, it means the end of Summer vacation.
This year we start school on my birthday.

As always, this Summer went by way too fast.
It was a weird Summer for sure- first, because it's the first Summer in years I have worked and second,
it has been an unseasonably cool Summer and for a good majority of it- just hasn't really felt like Summer.

While I can't say that I am ready for school to start and I can't say that I am absolutely not ready for it to start, either.
The school supplies have all been bought and I took the day off of work and the kids are definitely not dreading the beginning of another
year... But at the same time they don't seem as excited as usual for the start of a new year either.

I think that collectively we have this sort of "mehhh" feeling about all of it.

But like it or not, these strange, sometimes cool, often rainy and occasionally hot days of Summer vacation are coming to a close.
While it has felt beyond strange at times, it has also been bust and full, lazy and packed, fun and ordinary, typical and atypical--
all of it mixed up together.
I will most definitely miss that feeling of freedom and a different set of rules that Summer brings to our lives.

I have to admit, when I think about having a 2nd grader and a 4th grader,  my stomach drops a bit.
These years and days and Summers just don't slow down.


Have no fear, I will be back this week with my compulsory Back To School post along with everyone else whose children start back this week.

Happy weekend!

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