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Thursday, August 21, 2014

So I never really comment here on current events, politics, anything too controversial in the way of religion, my personal beliefs,
I just don't.
I do have strong opinions and beliefs and ideas, I just don't usually choose to share them here.
I do share them with my family and loved ones but that isn't normally what I choose to do in this space.

The last few weeks there has been so much in the news that has me shaking my head in disbelief, saddened and honestly
overwhelmed at society as a whole right now.
And people... and their thoughts + beliefs and comments... Wow.
Part of me wants to turn off the TV and look away from all social media and news right now and never, ever look back.
Like, ever.

I will leave the debating to the countless people that write so much better than I do, and are far smarter than I, who know their facts and have researched and have read article after article and watched and consumed and digested every little bit of news they can...
I can't do that.
I want to know and I want to understand... but I just can't do that.

Between Robin Williams and his battle with depression and anxiety, the beheading of an American journalist this week, from Syria
to Ferguson, Missouri.
Ferguson is about 2 hours from where we live so it feels personal.
Also, I am an American and a human and a mother... so it's all personal.
I am not here to give you my opinion or to convince you why I am on the "right side".
What I am here to say is that reading reactions and thoughts and words of others regarding all of these
issues/current events I just mentioned has me scared.
What is in store for our future and for our children's future?

As a mother and a woman who loves and supports and understands and cheer leads for other mothers,
I do not understand dismissing the pain and heartbreak of a mother of an eighteen year-old who was murdered.
Dismissing her grief and pain because of our personal opinions and beliefs on what is wrong and what is right.
A mother lost her child, like so many mothers do. Sadly.
Her pain is not different because what we believe about her child.
Or his actions.
Or what his future did or did not look like.

There are so many different issues here, so many layers.... I  am only addressing the fact that a mother lost her child and the reactions of so many people is truly appalling.
It scary, very scary.
I have read comments on social media that I cannot believe.
Many of them from friends and acquaintances.
Don't even get me started on how hateful people can be when hiding behind a screen... it's just
unbelievable to me.
Is this really how we feel about each other as humans?
So full of judgment and hate?
So lacking in empathy and understanding?
So unwilling to see things from the other side?

And if this is how things are and how people really are... what can I possibly do.
What difference do my thoughts and beliefs make?
How will things ever change?
This is what makes me want to bury my head in the sand so as to be oblivious to it all.
This all makes me feel so, so lost.

Thanks for listening to my jumbled, broken rambling tonight.

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  1. I SO hear you…about being unable to see/hear/read anything more…My Mom and having been talking a bit about it…why is there so much hate in the world? It does make you feel helpless and I'm actually finding some goodness…have you heard of the Humans Of New York (HONY) Facebook page? He is currently in some troubled areas of the world. It is eye opening and just gives a human story to so many of the ordinary people who live around the world and deal with horrible situations but whose hopes, dreams, stories are truly similar to others. Sometimes it is so difficult to just be…to meditate and turn everything off in my head but when I can take just a few minutes I try to simply sit and breathe and say thank you.


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