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Friday, September 26, 2014

A little look into my week via Instagram.
I am lucky13amy on Instagram.
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Once again, I'm so very thankful it's Friday and so ready for the weekend... 
No doubt the weekends take on a whole new meaning once you are working outside the home again.


Charlotte started tumbling last week, which she loves, it's so nice that it is only a block from our house and
 we get to walk there. No driving across town??  Yes, please.

On the way home from tumbling we have to stop at the school garden...
And maybe pick some flowerts for Mommy.

The First official day of F  A  L  L.
Tiem for All of the pumpkin things to be made... all of them.
I made pumkin chocolate chip muffins and they were so good! 

Stripes + stripes + converse = Some serious cuteness on a 7-year old, if you ask me.

They are changing.
The leaves are starting to change! 
This was earlier this week and this isn't quite the norm yet,  but they are slowly changing.
I love this time of year but I want it to go really 
s   l   o   w . 

Thursday was rough... really rough.
I went to a funeral for a 39-year old mother of two.
I just don't have much else to say on that right now... just absolutely heartbreaking. 

I have really, REALLY been missing my quiet early mornings....
I am hoping to get back on that train Monday morning.
They are so necessary to my well-being.
But man, I do looove me some sleep, too.

Walking home from school.
I can sit right on the front porch and watch them walk to and from school.
Do you know how awesome this is?
I am not a bus-mom.... No offense if you are, I'm just not.
I'm glad they can be home 5 minutes after school gets out and an hour+ isn't tacked
 onto their day every day. 

And me... In the elevator at work.
I'm trying to do one picture of myself a week...
Because well, if I never took one of myself,  there would never be any pictures of me.
And because-- my hair is fixed + make-up, too.  ;)

And that's it for my week.
I mean, assuming you didn't want to see pictures of me being a grouchy, stressed-out
 brat, feeling sorry for myself and throwing mom-tantrums... Right?
Can't show all my ugly here, y'all.


Happy Friday... Hope you have a great weekend! 

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