Morning Coffee + The Last Day Of September

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hey there.
It's the last day of September and a beautiful Fall morning and there's lots to talk about today.
I think it's the perfect day for a hot cup of coffee.
I really, really wish I was on a real life coffee date this morning with a fire in the fireplace, 
chatting with my girlfriends in my pajamas on the couch....
But alas, this will have to do today.

This past weekend was a busy one.
Busy and full and good.
But Monday was just as busy with work and school and Brownies and a funeral visitation and... 
 It's hard when you come off a packed, hectic weekend right into a week that promises to
 be just the same, huh ?


I spent a great day on Sunday with the kids, just the three of us... it was a much 
needed break away from home and all the things that cause you(me) so much stress...
Laundry, messes, meals, endless piles of papers to go through.
It was so good.
We took a quick one-hour drive South to my aunt's and stayed at her house(they were gone)
and enjoyed the beautiful weather,  even better scenery + the freedom of being
a  w  a  y     from    h  o  m  e. 

It was an extra-special day because it was a Sunday and we stayed over night there,
which is definitely not our typical school night routine.
Sometimes you just have to break all of your own rules though.
And we did.
That included lunch at a tiny cafe and pizza from Casey's for supper.
We left early Monday morning, stopped for donuts and milk and the kids got to watch
The Brady Bunch all the way back home while I got to watch the sunrise.
So, so good.

This is just the "reset" I needed.
Sometimes you just have to do it... even when the timing isn't perfect and you've got a million
 other things you should be doing.

This is a big, busy week--w e have tumbling and soccer and the Fall Festival at school
and a big, BIG Birthday to celebrate. My baby boy is turning TEN on Friday.
Ten, you guys.
Somebody hold me.
And send wine.


Here's to a great week and the beginning of a new month...
my most favorite month of the year.
I'll be going through my phone and making a Flipagram video which I LOVE doing
now as a way to reflect back on the month + to remind myself of all we really
 did do over the past month.

Happy last day of September to you!

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