My Week In Little Bitty Instagrams

Friday, September 19, 2014

A little peek at my week,  via those tiny little Instagrams we all love to share.
I am lucky13amy on Instagram.


The pumpkins and mums and gourds are out at all the stores now.
How   h  a  p  p  y   are these?

After school on the front porch, writing stories and stuff.

The Golden Hour... Quite possibly my favorite time of day.
Practicing cartwheels in the field at the park on our way to the grocery store.

Paint-by-number wall at the cutest antique store in Indiana.

It's true... it's BACK.
Pumpkin Spice Latte's are back and I'm taking advantage.
By the way, I am totally a sucker for the whole pumkin/Fall marketing thing.
Total sucker, at least I am aware though.

I've only seen a few fallen leaves that have changed so far,  so I had to document them.
I can't wait to see all of the trees changing.
I     l  o  v  e      Fall ! 

Good morning.
No froth or anything but still yummy, especially when you are away from home.
I wish I could start every morning like this.

This boy started orchestra this year, just last week really.
I have to tell you that when I saw him putting his violin back in the case and 
carrying it I almost started crying. Like, for real.
Parenthood makes make you an emotional mess at the starngest times, huh.

Old buildings and flower boxes.

Always writng.
Or reading.
Or both.

And me.
With make-up on and semi-fixed hair.
This day definitely needed to be documented.
And never mind the weird blobs under my eye... editing gone bad?

Happy, happy Friday.
Hope your week was good and your weekend is even better.



  1. Oh how i've missed your blog! i lost it when my computer died and today i found it again and have been reading back through, with a cup of coffee (in your honor) thanks for making me smile on this rainy dreary day!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet coment, Jacqui! Over the last year+ I have been back and forth on whether I want to keep blogging or not and my posts seem to get farther and farther apart... BUT something always brings me back and lately I have been remembering why I loved it in the first palce! : ) I'm glad someone out there is reading-- and missed reading, that's really nice.

  2. Oh I love your week of IG all pulled together. I missed a few of those. The violin...sniff sniff. Little K used yo play - and she played really well. Sadly she decided to give it up last year (honors class demands at school and ballet 6 days a week made it too hard).

  3. Right now I'm hating blogger. There was more to my comment above that didn't show. About how cute you looked and how I'm struggling with decision to continue with blog etc. now I'm having trouble with comments being bounced and getting delivery status failure notices. Argh. I love/hate technology. Have a great weekend pretty lady.

    1. I'm kinda hating blogger and lately I have been fantasizing about switching to something else and then having a whole new blog designed just for me... I said fantasizing... but oh, it would be so nice! :)
      Fourth grade is just full of all new stuff for us and we(I) am slowly getting used to it.
      Have a great day, Karina!


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