Coffee Just Tastes Better In Indiana

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Well this past weekend it did anyway.
Seriously, it did.
A regular old cup of coffee, no fancy froth, with 2% milk(yuck)....  And still one of the best cups of coffee ever.
But anything would've probably tasted pretty good with this morning view though... Right?

This past weekend was our annual family get-away weekend in Indiana.
These perfect little cabins and this beautiful park... we    L  O  V  E   this weekend.
My kids  might love this weekend even more than I do... if that's possible.

We had the best weather this weekend I think we have ever had here so far, and we have been coming for maybe... 11 years or so.
It was sunny and there was no rain but it was cool enough that you had to wear a sweatshirt or jacket and it felt so good.
Cool enough that you could see your breath in the morning and a steaming cup of coffee felt so good in your hands.
I love that kind of weather. 

I am so glad I grabbed my Nikon before Charlotte and I took this short walk before we left on the last morning.
I take a lot of pictures with my phone, a lot, and I think I get some pretty good ones, but nothing really compares to my big camera.
These pictures almost make me be able to feel the crisp Fall air, feel the sun, see that beautiful light coming through the trees.

So yes, our coffee tasted better and our beer tasted better... I think the wine did, too.
This weekend was just what I needed... so, so very good for the soul. 
Until next year, Indiana! 

* Read last year's post about this weekend here.

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