Most Unique Halloween Costume /// Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

So I think I have shared plenty of Halloween pictures on Instagram and I know in our minds Halloween is long gone, but
I had to share a couple more plus Charlotte's super exciting news.
My kid's school still celebrates Halloween when it seems like most don't anymore and let me
just say, that I  L  O  V  E  that.  Like a lot.
This year they had a short musical program for 2'nd, 3rd and 4th grades(so both of my kids were in it) and then they have
the Halloween costume parade.
Usually the parade is outside and the kids walk around the block in the neighborhood and everyone gets to see them, it's a
long-standing school/neighborhood tradition.
This year the weather wasn't great, a little chilly and windy, so it was in the gym instead.

After the parade they have parties in the classrooms and then the costume judging.
I think the teachers and/or staff do the judging and then call the winners over the intercom.
I left right before the end of the day and missed that part and had kind of forgot about it although I don't think Charlotte had.

Here is Charlotte as Laura Ingalls Wilder.
I think this is my favorite costume so far, I just think it is so cute + just perfect for her.
My mom made the dress and apron, Charlotte gpt to pick the fabric herself, which was quite the chore, she knew exactly
what she wanted and was not really taking our suggestions at all.
That girl has her own opinions on everything. 
But in the end it turned out great and she was VERY happy with her dress.

The bonnet we borrowed from my cousin which was exactly what we were looking for and
really completed the whole costume I think.
I have had that vintage lunch pail laying around here for years and we grabbed some old books and tied them together
for her to carry.
Obviously she already has the hairdo down to be Laura, right?

A couple different people asked if the costume was mine from when I was a kid, but it wasn't.
This costume was all Charlotte's idea.
We  certainly love the Little House books and the show in this hosue and I love that this is what she
wanted to be, just perfect for my little reader + book lover.

{nevermind the chocolate on her apron from the school party ;) }

After school I was sitting on the porch watching for the kids to come up the street and saw Charlotte
runing as fast as she could to the house.
She won the costume contest for most unique costume, she was so excited!
I was excited for her too,  just thinking how that would've felt in 2nd grade, to win in that category for the whole school, to have
your name called over the intercom and to win a prize.
It was a good day and a great Halloween indeed.

Have a great day everyone !


  1. Yay, go Charlotte. I love the costume, it is mega cute and she looks gorgeous in it. You did a great job making it too so well done both of you x x x x

  2. How cute! Also, so sweet to have the memory. I have a pic of me when I was younger in a very similar getup, but it wasn't a costume. Ha! It was a hand-me-down from my cousins and they{two sisters} had worn them before I did. Great pics!

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