Today, I Give You Permission

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Today was one of those days.
Not terrible, not great... but a day.

Today I wanted to throw in the towel.
To run away.
Like really, really far away.
Maybe to another country where no one knows my name.
Like where I would walk around with sunglasses on, people watching... where no one would
talk to me and I wouldn't need to talk to anyone else unless I really felt like it.
I wouldn't exactly know the language in this foreign country, but I would be just fine.
Alone. Blissful.
That's my fantasy, My Running Away fantasy.
I have several, but that's just one of them.

And guess what?
Today I, Amy, give you permission to have your very own Running Away Fantasy.
And the rule is is that you cannot feel guilty for it.
Like not even a little bit... it's a fantasy, you're not really doing it.
And you also don't have to apologize for having one, or announce how grateful and thankful and blessed you are for your life...
None of that.
You can do that later, or tomorrow, but not while you are having your very own Running Away Fantasy because it's just
simply not allowed.
Remember, I am the one making the rules and handing out permission slips today. 

Today I gave myself permission to fantasize about running away from life and people and responsibilities and just all of it.
I give you permission too, because it's okay.
It doesn't mean you're ungrateful or selfish or that you would ever trade your life(not really) to
run away for real.
Because it's okay to not want to be with your people every second of every day... or people at all for that matter.
It's normal, I promise you.

In my fantasy I am in fact driving a VW bus, and it's either orange or baby blue or bright yellow.
And yes, I can drive it to another country from Illinois... because in my fantasy I am not getting on
a damn airplane.
No way.

The End.


  1. I love doing this. I often think about escaping somewhere alone, getting away from everything *sigh* if only x x x x

    1. ME, TOO! I love to actually do it and I love just fantasizing about it all too... Sigh. :)

  2. yes. and i'm going to drive the PCH in a turquoise convertible.

    1. Ooooh, yes. A turquoise convertyible would be awesome, too. That's another fantasy of mine... taking off in a huge 1950's convertible for only God knows where...


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