2014 :: The Big And Little Of It All

Friday, January 2, 2015

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What a year it was.
Not fantastically amazing when I think about the year as a whole... 
But then there are all those hundreds of little amazing things along the way...
And when you really stop and look back at all of those little and big moments, 
You realize it was a pretty fantastic and amazing year after all, filled with ups and downs, good and bad.
And like most years, filled with lessons that maybe we didn't necessarily want to learn,
 but did anyway, and are probably better for it.


Between school happenings, Birthdays, holidays, family time, work, 
learning to play a first instrument, trips, friends, family adjustments and growing and learning so many new
 things this year, there are a few things that have left an imprint on me this year for sure.


When I pause to think about the "bigger" things that happened this year, a 
couple of things immediately come to mind.
My dad's stroke in November is undoubtedly at the top of that list.
I've thought several times since then that one day I will sit down and write a post all about that...
 but then I just can't bring myself to do it. One day though.

We had our first trip to the ER with one of the kids in May when Miss Charlotte
cracked her head open on a big rock while running outside wit her cousins in the dark.
Luckily it was just a cracked head that needed six stitches and my girl was a trooper, but wow, seeing all
 that blood and feeling so scared and helpless is a terrible feeling.
And all I could think of is all the mama's out there dealing with seriously and critically ill children.
My heart goes out to all of them so much.

I went back to work this year, like at a job outside of the home.
Part-time working, but working every day and it has definitely been an adjustment for all of us.
Lots of adjusting +  juggling... a big change for all of us, but mostly a good one.

Wyatt turned ten in October and that's still just kinda hard to believe and for this mama to deal with some days.
I look at how tall he is and how smart he is and how he just knows so much and I'm like: "What the hell?"

 { Some big and little snapshots form the year }

I am so thankful for this past year, for all of the big and little moments.
I am thankful for all of the hard stuff... and the good stuff, too.
I'm thankful for these two little people I get to try and raise every day.
I'm thankful for my family and for friendships and for all that I have learned this year.
Thank you for everything, 2014. 

I am ready to put this past year behind me and looking so forward to a fresh start in the year ahead.
I know it's really just the turn of the calendar page in some ways, but it has significant meaning to me.
A new beginning. A restart that I so very much need. I am so very thankful for that.


Here's to 2015 and all that it may bring.


  1. Happy New Year my lovely. 2014 certainly had it's up's and down's but it all makes us stronger people. Let's hope 2015 is full of happy and exciting memories.
    Lots of love x x x x

    1. That is so true, Gem. 2014 was not a bad year but both wonderful and trying at the same time... just like life itself. I hope you have a fabulous new year ahead and thank you for your sweet comments as always! XO


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