The Last Week+ In Instagrams

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My new favorite purse-size make-up bag,
I love Orla Kiely and I want this print as wallpaper in my house/
Winter light/
Checking out the snow in the backyard/
Charlotte typing up her report on Ruby Bridges/
Mason jar full of flowers/
Wall of records at my brother's restaurant, TapRoot/
Pretty Winter sunset/
Me and the kids took a walk to get frozen yogurt during the Superbowl/

Sunday morning coffee in the back yard...
We were supposed to get a LOT more than we did get but it was so quiet and peaceful
and pretty out there while it was still falling/

Channeling  s p r i n g  with these pretty colors!/
Out for Mexican/
How could you not be   h a p p y   drinking coffee out of this in the morning?/
One of Wyatt's drawings. I love seeing what he comes up with,
He's got a crazy-awesome imagination!/
Sunlight through the windows on my face/
Super cute thrifted blanket/
Down the tracks/
Miss Charlotte reading in the dining room/
Tunnel graffiti love/

Rainbow of shirts at the new thrift store in town/

Painting/journaling with water colors/

This is what Charlotte and I did Friday night while Wyatt had a friend sleep over.
We stayed upstairs and painted our nails and watched Narnia while the boys had an
Indiana Jones/Minecraft marathon in the living room/


That's just a little bit of the last week plus via Instagram.
Man, I love being able to document these little tiny snapshots of life with my iphone.
So convenient and so much fun.
If you're on Instagram and I'm not already following you, tell me what your user name is so I can!

Have a great day!

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