This Week Looked like...

Friday, April 17, 2015

This week looked like trees finally blooming and smelling of Spring
It looked like blue skies + sunshine
It looked like a cup of morning coffee on the front porch while the kids walk to school
It looked like after-school trips to the park
filled with
Roller skating, bike riding and walking on the bike trail

This week looked like playing with Stanley a lot in the backyard and open windows

This week looked like a really fun night at the Titanic Dinner(at my brother's restaurant)
with my mom, dad + sister

This week looked like coffee on the front porch kinda weather, like officially

This week looked like...
Playing baseball at the park and lots of games of catch in the backyard this week
This week also looked like both of the kids thinking maybe they wanted to really try to play baseball on a team this year and then realizing it's too late for that...
But there's always next year

This week looked like Frida Kahlo +  grocery store flowers

This week looked like swinging as high as he could...
It also looked like mommy still being needed for a little pushing still...
Which makes me really kinda happy

It was a good week and a beautiful week, too.
Hoping this awesome weather sticks around all weekend!

How was your week?
What are you up to this weekend? Hope it's a good one.



leave me a know you wanna.