What Will They Remember?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I wonder if you ever do this...?
Sometimes I wonder what my kids will remember most about their childhood, one day in the future when they are older, much older- adults or maybe even parents themselves.
When the time comes, I wonder how they would answer these questions;

"When I was a kid we used to __________"
"When I was I kid I loved it when we got to ____________"
"One of my favorite childhood memories is ______________"


You never know what they will remember most, what it will be... and I am pretty sure it won't be any of the the things I imagine it would be.
A couple of weeks ago we were watching a movie on a Friday night and we made chocolate milkshakes for the kids, in the fancy(or not so fancy, but not the regular old every day ones)glasses.
As I was getting the "fancy glasses" out of the china cabinet, I was reminded how my mom used to make us Coke floats on the weekends when we were kids and we used these certain glasses that we only ever used when we had Coke floats.
They were kept in a different cabinet than the usual dishes.
I still remember what they looked like and that the cabinet was one that slid open and it always kind of got caught and you had to close it and reopen it again before you could get your glass out.
My memory is not fantastic but I definitely remember that, it's a favorite for sure.

So you had better believe that the following Friday night while the kids were watching the original Karate Kid I made them Coke floats.
I said it was just like a Friday night in 1984.
And it may not ever be one of their favorite memories, even if I kinda hope it is, but it will always be one of my favorites as a mom.


Do you know how you would answer those questions? Could you answer right away or would you need to think about it?

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  1. Brilliant questions Amy, love them and yes you have got me thinking. I'd have to think about it, I've got lots of memories from my childhood, odd;y enough though i can;t really think of anything as simple as this which makes me feel kind of sad. I remember sitting out in our back garden in a tent and reading by myself, and family holidays, playing out in the garden with our guinea pigs and staying round at my Nan and Grandad's, helping my nan with housework (I used to love helping, I kind of need someone to help me with mine now a days haha) I'm deffinitely going to give it some more thought though :) Thank you x x x


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