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Friday, July 10, 2015

Hey there and Happy Friday!
This was a short work week for me as I was in Chicago on Monday but sometimes those weeks feel
the longest. And this one definitely did. Sunday I was in Chicago for the last Grateful Dead show and I will write a post about that next week when I have time to process it all....Oh, what a night. 

I am still without my Macbook so blogging is sporadic and all my pictures here are iPhone pictures. 
Booo. Since I have nowhere to upload my pictures I just haven't even been getting my Nikon out at all
and I really miss using my real camera.

Things have been too busy and weekends have been too full to figure out what I am doing with my laptop- also a part of that is straight up denial mixed with a little bit of fear.
There's a pretty good chance I lost everything on it and that it's going to cost an arm and a leg to fix.
Life as a grown up. Ughhhh. It kinda sucks really.

Life lately has been busy and full and RAINY. It literally seems to rain every single day, and I am not even kidding about that. This mama needs the sun and hot weather and to actually be able to get into the swimming pool.
It has been filled with; music, books, friends, rain, donuts, work, Minecraft(and more Minecraft...and then some more), road trips and cloudy gray skies.

We are all trying to hang in there and hope that the forecast for next week looks better than it has in the last few weeks. The thing about working is that I am able to feel less guilty when I get to do fun Summer-like things with the kids after work, like swimming and picnics and short road trips and water slides, and so on. This Fall-like weather is not helping my mama and it's it helping us mark anything off of our Summer List either.

Hope you all have a great weekend- and I hope it is not raining where you are!


  1. We have been having lots of sunshine here in the UK but it looks as though we have had our summer as the past few days have been rainy and the forecast for the next few days is set to be the same :(
    We best start practising that rain dance Amy.
    Love Gem x x

    1. Gem- this week was better but it definitely has put a huge damper on Summer for us. I believe they said it was the wettest June here in recorded history... crazy. I have had enough and would be happy if there was no more rain until we went back to school in 3+ weeks.
      Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hoping this week has been better weather wise for you? Your pictures look like you've been having fun!! My 19 yr old son would be very jealous….he loves The Grateful Dead :) The picture of the chalkboard words…was that found in Chicago? Love it!!!

    1. This week has been better, not nearly as much rain, just a little. Tell your son the show was awesome, it was 25 years since my first show... so a big anniversary:)
      Yes, those chalkboards were on windows outside a really yummy little restaurant/bakery we ate at in chicago. It was cute!


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