One Hundred Days Without Pop

Monday, July 20, 2015

I can't even BELIEVE I just typed that. 
I have actually gone 100 days without pop(you say soda, I say pop...), as of last Wednesday, which means now I am at about 105 days.
I am seriously in shock because there's no way I thought I could do that... Like ever... 
No seriously, like ever-ever.
I know it sounds silly or like no big deal to people who don't get it, if you don't drink pop, just substitute your drink of choice/whatever habit you think you can't break and look at it from that point of view. My first goal was to make it for one week and then I just kept making another goal from there...
One week, thirty days, 45 days, until the next holiday, etc. until I got to 100 days.
Before I got to 100 days I told myself that once I made it there I would let myself have a Dr.Pepper(my drink of choice) and then only have them on occasion after that. I still haven't had one though.
I'm not even going to lie though, I have fantasized regularly about diving head first into a giant pool of Dr. Pepper. Naked.
For me, it's not like the desire to drink pop has gone away, it really hasn't and I don't think it will really.
It has lessened and obviously I know now that I can do it, but it still SOUNDS good.
You know how people will stop drinking diet coke or whatever and then they will be like;
"I never even wanted another one and now it's been 3 years...." Gag.
Yeah.... No. That's not me.
So I already drank a good amount of water anyway and I have just started drinking a lot more now.
I also make Crystal Light Peach Mango Green Tea because water just gets old all the time.
My new favorite and the reason I think I can go a while longer without drinking pop, is because of this, above.
THIS is what I have been missing, the fizzy carbonation and now I have it again in these La Croix drinks, they are just sparkling water with natural flavors and carbonation. Yum. Perfect.

So yeah, I am pretty proud of myself.
Usually I think I am going to try something like this and I last a week... maybe a little more, maybe less.
I always say that I have no will power and that I can't stick to anything... Because I usually can't...
But I just did.
My goal here wasn't to stop drinking pop forever, but to cut way back and to cut it out completely for a while because I thought that was necessary for me to be able to start having it only on occasion or as more of a "treat".
Before this I was not drinking it daily, maybe every other day to every few days, and just one a day when I did.
Now I would feel okay with myself if I did have a Dr. Pepper, i really would, but I think I am just going to hold out until I feel like I can't any longer, and I am just not there quite yet.


Now I am thinking about what else I can do or not do for the next 100 days... I am thinking seriously on this. I have a little more confidence in myself than before now.
Have you cut out something or started doing something daily instead,  like this before?
Broke a tough habit or added a new healthier/better one?
I'm gonna think on this one...

Happy Monday to you!


  1. Well done you, I don't think I could do this, I love my pop way too much. I have cut down a huge amount from what I used to drink but I really don't think I could cut it out altogether.
    Love Gem x

    1. Thank you, Gem! And believe me when I tell you that I do, too...BUT coffee, that is where I am just absolutely sure I would fail! And really, I just have no desire to cut coffee out of my life. Lol :)

  2. Congratulations!
    I have started exercising regularly and trying to cut some of the processed carbs. I don't necessarily exercise every day, but I run two or three times a week on average and try to bike to work, walk up that extra flight of stairs, go on a hike with the family on week ends etc. And if I want a piece of cake or a loaf of bread or pasta, I try to find a wholegrain alternative. Mind you, not always!! But I try to make it more of a special treat than an everyday occurrence. Just like you may start doing with soda... er pop! ;o)

    1. Oh, thank you! What I really need to do next is start seriously cutting back on processed carbs and sugar... But this really overwhelms me to think about what I could/couldn't eat and also... I hate to cook :( hate to admit that out loud but I am just not great at it and I don't really enjoy it so I know that is another big area to tackle in trying to eat healthier. Thank you for the encouragement, this mama needs all the help she can get!!


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