13 Of My Favorite Things{A List}

Monday, August 24, 2015

1. Mini cinnamon-sugar Fair-style donuts
2. Book stores-especially ones full of old, vintagey books
3. Sparklers(even in August)
4. Farmer's market flowers
5. Donuts made in my kitchen w/chocolate icing from a tub
6. New school shoes(Bonus points for high-tops)
7. New art supplies
8. This podcast. Oh, how I love Elizabeth Gilbert.
9. Driving through the country at sunset
10. Lemon shake-ups
11. This magazine. Absolutely beautiful photography and words.
12. Vanilla candles
13. Brick roads


I could go on and on... But I'll stop there for today.
I'm still here. Still no laptop. Still only iPhone pictures.
Oh how I miss my big camera(although it seems to be on the fritz as well. When it rains, it pours, huh?)
I feel like I am missing a little bit of myself as silly as that may sound. It's true.

Happy, Happy Monday friends.


  1. love me some lemonade shake-ups!!!!!

  2. Love this list :) I've got a thing for cinnamon buns at the minute, in fact I had one for breakfast this morning hehee

    Gem Gem'sCountryLifeDream x x x

    1. I should stay far, far away from them Gem but they are so yummy!-especially with a hot cuppa coffee! :)

  3. Lap top or not, I always enjoy your blog! Sparklers… also on my list!


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