Summer Weekend In The Midwest

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

This past weekend was everything I LOVE about the Midwest in Summer time(except the humidity, not that, it's never on my list).
It is probably what you would imagine a stereotypical summer in the Midwest in the country would be, and you'd probably be right.
There was a family reunion, fried chicken, homemade peach pie, lots of cousins(first, second, third), a barn, a pond, kittens, swimming, cornfields, a peach tree, a tractor parade... and the list goes on.
We had family visiting from Alabama so we got to reap the benefits of them being entertained by other family members and it was good.
I forgot what a peach tree smelled like in Summer and I am happy I was reminded over the weekend.
We picked a whole bag of peaches to take home and also ate them warm, right off the tree.
The kids swam in a pool surrounded by cornfields under blue skies and just a few puffy white clouds.
The adults sat and watched them swim and talked about family and passed down stories. Sometimes it doesn't matter how long it's been since you've seen family or if the kids have never met, there is definitely a natural connection there. That's a pretty cool thing.

This weekend will be on my list of favorite Summer memories I think.
Simple. Happy. Grateful.
Nothing spectacular, just a really good time with some of my favorite people.



  1. Replies
    1. That it was! And note to self: In my next life, I want a house in the country with peach trees! :)

  2. aahhhh! this makes me miss wisconsin! i can almost smell the fresh cut grass and hear the june bugs.

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