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Sunday, October 4, 2015

A crazy, busy week.
That is what happens when there is something going on most weeknights(at least this week)and in the span of 8 days we have four family Birthdays- Wyatt, my mom, my dad and Charlotte.
Just this weekend we squeezed in- five boys camping out in the backyard Friday night, my niece's homecoming Saturday, a soccer game, and dinner out to celebrate Wyatt's Birthday Saturday night.
The week was lots of running around + Birthday shopping, grocery shopping, soccer practice, a school celebration one afternoon, swimming lessons, present wrapping and a few early mornings of walking before work.
That is just way too much for me if you want the truth- But it's a busy season and all days and weeks are not like this one, thankfully.

One of my favorite things from this past week was deciding at the last minute to drive out to the country with the kids to see the eclipse.
We left at the last minute to be able to drive about 10-15 minutes and get a really good view of it away from a lot of lights/town...We made it.
We were already in our pajamas and all I really wanted to do was get in bed and read my book- But I am glad we went. Such a cool thing to see and I hope the kids remember these things when they are older, these simple, last minute things, the memories we are making and just spending time together.

In the midst of all the chaos I try to constantly remember to slow down, take a breath and appreciate where I am right now in the moment. Just breathe.
A lot of time it's not easy and it takes effort to push things out of my mind-the worry, the thoughts, anxieties and ugly stuff. A great reminder for me is taking pictures... Every single day.
Even if right now the pictures are just with my phone, it is a great way for me to appreciate the little things, to capture them and to remember what is really important to me amidst all the craziness and stress of daily life.

Happy Sunday!

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