Last Minute Birthday Party

Friday, October 16, 2015

This past Tuesday Charlotte turned nine.
My kid's Birthdays normally really kinda depress me but we have had so much going on lately that there was no time to really feel too bad about it or lament how old I must be by now.
Anyway, we threw together a last minute party for her on Sunday and she invited three friends.
With the kid's Birthdays being just ten day apart, we usually celebrate them together with a family party but this year they wanted their own parties and I was happy to oblige.
Months earlier we saw this the tiny mushroom pinata along with Woodland-themed napkins, plates and garland at Target and snatched them up.

We saw so many cute ideas online and ooohed and ahhhed over all the cute things we saw on Pinterest that we didn't have time for(luckily). Charlotte she definitely wanted to make the acorns above and she wanted a bowl of chocolate covered raisins that she saw someone had labeled "bear poop"... I didn't think it was funny, she did, and I have long since learned to pick my battles.

Just the day before we were at my parent's and my mom came up with that little tiny deer sitting on her cake, it used to sit on a dresser in my bedroom when I was a kid. The little banner that says "Happy" on the cake I made in 5 minutes, using tiny tags, string and chopsticks. We scrounged up found real acorns outside and cut some leaves off of our tree in the backyard for a few jars and we were ready for a party.

One idea that did not come from Pinterest but I thought up all by my big-girl self, was for them to make terrariums to take home.
This was fun and took the place of sending them home with little bags full of candy or junk-and also, they look so cute. They are super easy and not expensive and I love how they all turned out.
Had I planned ahead, I would have been watching for these little things that we used to put in the terrariums on sale at Hobby Lobby, Michael's or wherever. I hate paying full price for things that regularly go on sale but this time I had no choice.
I got the dinosaurs at the dollar store and Wyatt hand over some army men of his own, there were two boys there(Wyatt included and I wanted some fun "Boyish" options, too)so I wanted more than just the mushrooms and deer. The tiny deer were found at Hobby Lobby near the dollhouse accessories and the mushrooms near the floral/garden/fairy garden area.
If you were one to plan ahead, I think after Christmas time you could stock up on deer, little trees, fences, houses, etc. at some seriously bargain prices.
I didn't get ant good pictures of the table- and I know you can see baskets of shoes and all of our every day junk in the background but this is real life. And it's messy and filled with dust, dog hair and baskets of shoes.
The napkins and plates were my favorite, along with the pinata, so sweet.
This little girl had a great time, she loved having her "very own Birthday party" and it was a special little day for her indeed.


It's Friday again and another busy weekend ahead....Hoping for some more beautiful Fall weather like we have had lately here in the Midwest. Fingers crossed.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for being real, for not hiding the baskets full of shoes, for keeping things simple yet lovely: I think the terrarium idea was great! This is how a 9-yr old's party should be!!!

    1. There is no hiding this hot mess over here...Not even if I tried! :) And thank you.

  2. Wow, I really can’t believe that it is a last minute birthday party. I loved everything about it. I can’t host such brilliant party even after a week of preparations. That is why I always throw my parties at outdoor Seattle venues.

  3. This just sounds like the best birthday party ever, I'd love this even now at 28 :)

    Love Gem x x x


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