The Sweet In-Between

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The time between the end of Summer and the first snowfall might just be my favorite.
Everything is golden; Leaves, the light, the sunsets, the sunrises, the trees.
The days are shorter and evening comes so early it's almost painful.
BUT everything is beautiful, you have to look every single day though...Every day and soak it all in.
Every tree, every leaf, every sunset. All of it.
Fall is so short, if you blink you will miss it...Just like that.

When we walk and the leaves are still crunching underneath our feet, when the ground is not yet covered by snow and we are not quite ready to completely hibernate until Spring...
This, right now, is my most favorite time.
So I look out the windows and stare at the trees and notice all the little things that will soon be covered until Spring.
There is still some yellow left... I can still dream of pumpkin pie and apple pie and homemade noodles and make Thankful lists(if only mentally)and take in everything about this season without rushing into the next.


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