Baby Steps

Monday, November 9, 2015

My morning scene(the end of my morning quiet time, it is dark when I get up). Journal, pen, coffee.

In order for bigger change to occur(eventually) I have decided that I have to start making small changes every single day... One day they will all add up to something bigger...but he beginning always requires baby steps, somewhere to start.

I have started making changes to my morning routine, I am forming new habits sloooowly, in order to replace old ones. I don't think you can wake up one day and decide that everything in your life is wrong and you need to change everything this second in order to be happy and at peace.
Eh...maybe some people can, I don't know...But that would not work for me. It has to be slower and more deliberate or I think you immediately fall back into old routines and habits. You have to look at things and decide what is working and what isn't and WHY. What you can immediately change, what you can start working on and long + short-term goals.

So in the name of Making Lasting Changes and Baby Steps, here is what I am doing in the mornings...
*Waking up at least an hour before the kids.
*Writing first
*Not looking at social media(or email or anything else) until I do some writing
* Setting intentions for the day...What I want today to look like, what I don't want it to look like and how I can best get there.

^ This last small step seems pretty simple and kinda silly... But I think it might make the biggest difference in my days. Planning, thinking, setting intentions and remembering that I decide what today looks like is big for me. Other people and things do not decide the outcome of my days, I do.


Happy Monday, Hope it is a great week for you!


  1. Love, love, love this.
    I often wish I could wrap my brain around getting up before my kiddos...seems like a good plan. :)

    1. Oh my. It is so hard, I am not gonna lie, so hard if you are not naturally a morning person. BUT it is so good and so worth it the mornings I do it, it actually starts my day off so much better when I have quiet time to myself before the craziness starts.

  2. Happy Monday, Living life with intention, I dig it. Change is so difficult, keep going, you've got this!!

    1. Thanks! Yes, it is difficult indeed. Why is it so easy to start so many bad habits but so tough to later break them or begin healthier/better ones? ;) So unfair!

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