Antiquing With The Girls

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Last Saturday we had nothing going on and Eric knew I had some Birthday errands to do and planned to be at home with the kids so I had a whole day (well-not the whole day) free. It was a beautiful day and I suddenly had the urge to go antiquing (what errands?) so I called my sister to see if her and my niece had anything going on. They were finishing up hair cuts and then were also fReE for the rest of the day...she said they would head on over as soon as they were done. This is rare to have a day that neither of us had anything else to do already, that the husbands could stay home with the kids, etc. I love days like those when you didn't really have anything planned but they end up being a great day. So we did get the necessary errands out of the way first and then hit our favorite antique stores. We had a lot of fun looking around, finding some pretty cool things, some a little funny, some kind of creepy and some that were exactly what we were looking for. This was my 9-year old niece Drew's first real day out antiquing with the girls and hopefully the first of many trips together. Antique stores, lunch with pie for dessert and a few really good that is a good Saturday!

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  1. I had fun that day. Hope we can do it again. BTW- Love the blog,great.

    - Drew


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