The Pink Party In All It's Pink-ness....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The Pink Party. Since the kid's birthdays are just 10 days apart we had their "real" party together this year on Wyatt's birthday because it fell on a Saturday, it was a Superhero party. Oh and I just remembered that I never posted pictures of that party and it's because I was having camera problems that day and had my sister take the pictures. Anyway....Now, to try and give both of them (a little bit of) what they wanted, we celebrated her birthday on her real birthday as well and we went all out PINK just as she requested. And since it was a week night we just had both sets of grandparents over for cake and ice cream. It did cause a little confusion because she thought all of her cousins, friends and family would come to this party too, but it all worked out just fine. And  pink it was---pink balloons, pink streamers, pink Whoppers (who knew?), pink  lemonade, pink cake & cupcakes, pink plates and napkins, a pink party dress, pink lollipops, pink wrapping paper and tacky pink dress-up shoes.
Doesn't it almost give you a pink head ache?

eta: i'm having a lot of trouble with my pictures being wonky and text not looking right. grrrr.

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  1. i love the book cake---now that is a pink party to the max :)


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