{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good morning. It's most definitely Tuesday so it's time for coffee.
And if we were really meeting for coffee this morning? 
I would say....Thank God, I really needed to get away for a little bit.  *Big sigh of relief*

I would also say....
*that yesterday my sister had an emergency appendectomy. Hoping all goes well and she gets out today!

* this weekend is Father's Day and I need to get busy on that...how does it creep up so fast?

* that my Jeep is up and running! WOOOT! The kids love cruising in our nearly 25-year old Woody and so do I. Some pictures of the beauty: here

* I figured out how to add "pages" to the top of my blog.....check it out. Actually there was nothing to it, I just didn't realize you could do it before. 

* Go read this post on what this family just did regarding the Oil Spill...this mom found a great way to help her kids understand it and I am seriously inspired now.  There are little ways we can all help and after reading her post I don't feel so hopeless and discouraged. I'll keep you posted on what we are going to do to help. Okay, go read it now...really.

i lovE this necklace and wish I would have thought to hint around for it sooner...my anniversary is coming up soon! Every time I see a giveaway on other blogs for Lisa Leonard jewelry I always enter...maybe someday!

So tell me something this morning...anything.
How is summer going so far? 
Any vacation plans? 

Hope everyone is having a Happy Tuesday....thanks for joining me for coffee and for all of your comments, they truly make my day!


  1. Hmmmmm.
    I'm telling ya, Amy, Thanks for the first picture---I nabbed it nicely for my laptop background. :) Just had to let you know that. :D Oh gosh, is it a mocha this time? Just done up different on the top, eh? Man it looks good!

    Anyhow....I'd tell you....
    Today we're having friends over to go to the little coffeeshop a few blocks away (no, I don't go there everyday; we've got enough coffee to brew here, and plus--that would make me one broke girl! hehe)
    This next Sunday right after church, we'll be setting off for up north on a camping trip... Oh goodness. Should be good. ;) Bringing my camera (which I wasn't as obsessed with last summer; it's progressed;) and going on bike rides alot in the country and on highways.
    Have to pack soon...but I save it for the day before so I can wash my laundry and have access to everything, how about you? :)
    Have a lovely Tuesday, Amy!

  2. Happy Tuesday to you! Your coffee looks delicious. I am patiently waiting for my coffee. My sister is bringing me a vanilla latte & then we are meeting friends at the zoo (which is on Kate's summer list that we made over the weekend). Summer is going well so far, today is only day 2! I love Lisa Leonard stuff also. Such cute stuff!

  3. i love these coffee dates! i'm sipping my coffee as i write...

    i heart lisa's jewelry too and have been pining over her bracelets for what feels like years. sigh.

    my husband was talking to my 6 year old son about the oil spill the other night. hearing his simple questions "why can't they fix it? what will happen to the fish and the birds? will it fill up all the oceans?" helped us make a serious decision. we were in the process of trying to buy a car for my husband to use as a commuter car and have chosen not to anymore. public transit it is. we don't want to enable oil dependency anymore then is absolutely necessary. it makes us feel better to be able to tell henry that we are doing what WE can to help the issue. i can't wait to visit that link and learn what that family is doing.

    hope your tuesday is a happy one!

  4. I hope your sister feels better soon, congrats on the jeep, and Father's Day has been sneaky for us as well.

    I'd tell you that The Offspring is back. That means my peace and quiet is gone.

    I'll have to return to the kitchen this week. Boo. No more relaxing nights out.

    I am itching to do a sewing project...I just don't know what.

    Summer is the best.

    Until next Tuesday...

  5. Yay for the Woody! :)
    And yeah... father's day... I need to get on that as well..
    Lisa Leonard's stuff is absolutely gorgeous. I have one necklace, and the kids and I have gotten a leather cuff for hubby, as well as a keychain. LOVE her designs!

  6. Hello there! Remember me? Hahaha, I am trying to get out of my crazy bloggy funk, and I think I'm on an upswing :)
    I am sorry to hear about your sister, so scary! My husband had to have one and turned out to be for NO reason at all. Got to love some Doctors!
    What are you thinking for Father's Day? I have had so many ideas and now is it going to be Wednesday and nothing concrete!!!
    Yeah on the new links at the top too!!!

  7. Sorry to hear about your sis & I hope she has a speedy recovery! Glad your Jeep is running!!! I have been crazy busy with swimming& diving for kiddos & I started running with a friend! Want to chat more but have to wake up my swimmers! "Talk" soon!


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