Rain, Rain.....

Monday, June 14, 2010

go away, come again another day....
We have had a lot of rain around here the last several days including lots of thunder, lightning and gray skies. Today looks like it will be another day inside and I need to come up with a plan because these days can feel really, really long. I also have my two nieces today for a total of four kids,  so really, I need a plan.  I'm thinking....baking chocolate chip cookies or chocolate chip muffins, watching Mary Poppins...and I'm still trying to come up with a good craft idea. Oh, and speaking of craft ideas, check out this blog I came across, I was actually in shock with my mouth hanging open over her creativity and cute-ness. It's ridiculous. I'm thinking that there might in fact just be a Supermom....and I found her. Wow.

Tell me,  what are your go-to movies, games or indoor activities to do/watch/make with kids on rainy days...any ideas? And if you have no advice there, send me a link to a blog you have recently discovered, a site that you just love or anything else that might inspire me on this gloomy day.

Well, at least our plants and flowers are getting lots of rain.
Hope you all are having a Happy non-gloomy Monday! I will see you tomorrow, bright and early,  for Virtual Coffee.


  1. my kids are always up for a baking project-even if its just a boxed cake mix it can keep us busy for at least an hour.

    but yeah, i need some tips too. there has been far too much video game playing around here lately for my liking.

  2. love those cans! where'd ya get 'em? i'd love to pack them with flowers from the garden for my kitchen table.

  3. We always love to bake and paint on a rainy day!!
    check out http://www.deepspacesparkle.blogspot.com/
    for lots of great art activities!!
    Enjoy the day

    Oh and love the rainy day photos!!

  4. I already answered Heather but in case anyone else is wondering.....

    I got the Canadian honey can at an antique store recently and the tomato can is just a real can of tomatoes we bought from the store a few years ago. I love old cans like these, as I'm sure you can imagine! : )

  5. Yay for Virtual Coffee tomorrow!
    And, reeeeaaaally cute pictures with the kids and umbrella, Amy:) I love it.

  6. Hey amy it's drew. I thought the blog you mentioned in your last post was really cool! She is really creative and you are too. Your blog is my favorite... but its not like I've looked at a bunch of other blogs. Soon I'm starting my own blog! I'll send you the address as soon as i get it up and going!

    See you soon. -Drew

  7. Baking projects. Watercolors. Sticker pictures. Mulan. Popcorn. Tent making (although it drives me a little nuts because it always falls and then whining ensues).

    Luckily our main rainy time is during school so it's their teachers' problem. But since I'm also a teacher that double screws me.

    If it's warm here and there isn't thunder/lightning we just go out and puddle jump. Survival is the key at that point.

  8. I can't wait to check out that site, I'm fresh out of creative ideas... we do a lot of baking on rainy days. Right now the kids are loving Toy Story 2... nothing crazy or exciting here :)

  9. THANK you so much! :):):) I LOVE LOVE LOVE rainy days----it's really when we get to be cozy and create as a family! Have you checked out the book "The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions" by Danita Thomas? It's jammed packed full of super fun and creative things you do on RAINY and SUNNY days! :):)

  10. i adore these rainy black and whites!

    but...what happened to that post {about me}? i want to read it!!!

  11. My kids gather every single pillow that resides in this house, put them in a giant pile and then jump and play in their "pillow pit" for hours!

  12. rainy days! we have had our share, as well & it is driving me a bit crazy! we like drawing on big pads of paper & adding scraps of paper & whatever the kids can scrounge up. My kids also like going to the movies & a quick mall trip to window shop & share some pretzels!


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