{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hey there...it's a beautiful, sunny and not-too-hot Tuesday morning...time for coffee.

This morning I am having coffee by the lake while the kids play in the sand and wade in the water, a little too far, far enough to soak their clothes. Oh well.
And before you get to feeling too jealous of the kids playing on the "beach"; it's about a 20 X 20 spot of sand on our lake.

So. If we were really meeting for coffee this morning, I would tell you....

We saw Ice Age this morning at our local theater that has $1 Summer Movies For Kids.
$1 tickets, popcorn and drinks. Look here to see if there are participating theaters near you .
I spent $6 total for tickets, 2 popcorns and one drink, for all three of us. LOVE that.

I had a great, relaxing weekend away. We did lots of antiquing, eating out (no cooking!) and lazing about in our hotel. I hope to do a post later this week and show off some of my awesome finds!

Tomorrow is my 10-year anniversary...ten years, kinda crazy.

We have had the a/c off for a couple of days now and are absolutely loving it, there is a great breeze and it feels so good to have all the windows open. Ahhhhhh......

We have been cutting day lilies every morning and putting them in a blue Ball jar on our dining room table. Nothing better than fresh flowers in the house!

Tonight the kids and I are making homemade pizza...they each get to make their own little pizzas. Hope they turn out... pizza is really Eric's department, not mine.

Eric started scraping off layers of wallpaper and a super-tacky border in the kitchen over the weekend. Next up will be staining the cabinets and picking out a wall color. Oh and me drooling over new recycled glass countertops to replace my funky 50's -style counters...maybe some day!

Not the best picture of Wyatt but in the other one I looked horrible...sorry little buddy, just looking out for myself!

Thanks for having coffee with me today, love this Tuesday tradition!
 I'm going to be a way for a couple of Tuesdays coming up...anyone want to volunteer to
guest-post Virtual Coffee for me?
Let me know if you would be interested, otherwise I will just have to start begging.


  1. Happy Tuesday to you....Cool skies have blown our way too. It is nice having that breeze blow through the house after days of stuffiness. Your little lake patch looks wonderful.

  2. Was that a hint at the end? Guest blogging and you starting to beg? ;)
    That's a great deal for the movie!
    Oh, happy anniversary early! That's wonderful:)
    How did you guys meet?
    Ah, I know--today we hardly have the a/c on...at least, I can't tell. It's so nice out today, on the cooler early-mid70's. Ahhhh:) And it's gorgeous out. Thanks, Jesus:)

    That is a really sweet picture of you and Wyatt:)

  3. Your earrings are super cute! :)
    I'm dying to open the windows here, but it's been so darn humid. Hopefully soon!
    (I can help you out if you really need it :) email me a date! crnnoel at gmail dot com. Love your virtual coffee!)

  4. Oh, I love swimming in the lake. The smell takes me back to my childhood.

    I can't wait to turn green with envy over your finds.

    And I have no problem hosting a Virtual Coffee if you are in need.

  5. Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

    Ten is big.

  6. you KNOW how much i love coffee so i'm all over helping with virtual coffee tuesdays if you'll have me.

    if we were meeting i'd tell you that i am desperate for some fresh air that doesn't feel like it's burning the tiny hairs off my arms, a day away from my fabulous children that i adore (just one day, that's all), and that we are in a holding pattern with trying to get my oldest into kindergarten at a new school. and it's weighing on my heart. but i trust that it will all work out, i just wish it would work it's way out a little sooner rather then later.

    have a happy day!!

  7. Happy Anniversary!
    We are loving the cooler temps here too!

    I think I have bloggers neck and shoulder....every time I sit down at the computer...ouchie!!:( Could be lifting and carrying my one year old too! Praying for relief soon!!!

    Back patio still needs a re-do!

    This has been the best summer we have ever had! Enjoying the girls so much and taking it S.L.O.W.!!

    Enjoy the day

  8. hello my friend- firstly i'm having tea today as had 2 coffees yesterday & am still buzzing....

    love your prioritising with photos- you do look lovely - but so does Wyatt- kids always do!

    what a winner in the movie dept-we dont even have a cinema near by -let alone any deals like this- or then we'd be waaay more up to date than we are on that front!

    i would very happily- with the gals above to do one of your *virtual coffee* posts...

    loving my bags & am going to be seriously upset when my bike napkins run out- i even bought a great mini wire *picnic* basket to put them in ....

    melissa x

  9. oh thanks for the offers to guest-post v.c....no begging even required of me! : D

  10. I adore that B&W photo. Has a very old Kennedy era look to it.

    Congrats on 10 years!

    We are also enjoying some cooling breezes after a few weeks of heat index up to 110. Looking forward to actually spending more than 5 minutes outdoors again and not having to be submerged in the pool to stand it.

    I'm back to my old tricks. Too many ideas, doing a little of everything, but not finishing anything. :(

  11. I love your little beach - it looks like so much fun! Isn't this weather just the BEST!!! I can't get over it.
    I can always be talked into a cup of coffee - so if you get desperate... lmk! :D
    (We should meet for coffee sometime -for real! We aren't that far away!)


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