{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's Tuesday. So grab a cup of coffee or your favorite morning drink (afternoon coffee?) and join me for virtual coffee.  I am trying to cut back on my coffee consumption but knew I had to have a cup today.
If we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would tell you......

*that our a/c went out. and it's in the 90's. and they can't come until tomorrow to fix it. help.

* that I really want to order one of these for my camera. so cute.

*that one of my favorite girlfriends will be here from Nashville this weekend. We have plans to see the new Sex and The City movie Friday night. Yay!

*Wyatt thinks one of his front teeth might be starting to get a little bit loose. It might just be wishful thinking on his part though because he told me he is so excited to lose his first tooth he can't stand it.

*yesterday I had a lunch date with my man while my sister watched the kids. That never happens, so it was really nice.
* my niece, Drew,  turned 10 yesterday-she is the oldest grandchild in my family and it is so hard to believe she is already 10 years old.

* in the next few weeks I am *hoping* to do a bit of a blog overhaul so sorry in advance for the messiness. I need to figure out how to fix my header first and then there are some other things I want to do/change/add so it reflects my personality a little more.
* I had to show off my super-cute wire egg basket I found while antiquing recently. It was only $8...proud of this find!

Okay, so what would you tell me over coffee this morning? 
I'm open to: complaining, bragging, venting, triumphs, tragedies, gossip......you name it.

Oh, and if we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would tell you that your hair looks super cute, love that necklace and I would totally buy your coffee today. Happy Tuesday!


  1. I already drank some Bolivian Blend coffee earlier, but hey... :)
    I'm excited that I've got a couple people I'm working on canvases for. :) Business is...coming slow but sure:) Hmmm....Too bad my hair isn't that cute today;) haha! It's one of those throw it up in a twisted bun and stick it with a crochet hook all while it's still wet kind of days... :D

    Hope your a/c gets fixed soon!

  2. No A/C sucks. Ours went out when The Girl was about three weeks old. I was not only post-partum and breastfeeding a newborn, but doing it in late June Houston heat without cool air.

    Love that basket.

    I hope Wyatt has luck with his tooth. The Girl has been willing one of her teeth to be wiggly for about 6 months to no avail.

    I would tell you that I have never been so ready for a school year to end as I am now. And my dream will be reality in a mere day and a half.

    Have fun this weekend! I'll be having fun as well...fun knowing that Monday morning will never come!

  3. Love that basket and the little treasures it is holding...$8? Amazing!!

    No a/c...bummer! Can't imagine, even though I'm from FL...can't stand the heat!

    Thought I noticed a "slight" change on the blog...can't wait to see the the new one!

    Our back patio is in need of a major re-do...I am thinking new shape and a pergola...I love the shade!!

    Excited for summer and the girls are too!

    Loving this book I am reading...Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne...life changing!!

    Glad you got a date with the hubs...aren't those the best!!

    Thanks for the free coffee...I'll buy next time!;)
    Enjoy the night!

  4. Love your basket! Great find. Sorry about the A/C. Ours is on its last leg here too. I also love that camera strap. I've seen them before but never w/a lens cap pocket. That is key. I am forever losing my lens cap.

    I would tell you...
    I was a total slug this morning. Went back to bed after getting the ballerinas on the bus. I NEVER do that, but it felt great.

    I cried watching American Idol thinking about how proud their parents must feel seeing them up there.

    I cried during Glee tonight too. It's been a sappy day, and that show did me in. Whoever is writing this show is g.e.n.i.u.s.

    Love your Virtual Coffee Tuesdays.

  5. morning you- i think i'd be buying today!!

    love your eggy basket....& lurve that fabric...
    i'm intrigued by your little *overhaul* -excited for you as its like a virtual *cleanup* without leaving your fave chair...wish that happened with the house!

    do you think the tooth *wiggling* has anything to do with the *fairy* & coins??

    now i would tell you...
    that i am happy its half-term..
    i love the rascals being home...am i mad?
    just no morning rush- ya' know...

    i watched *marley & me* again as its my fave film..

    i have spent tooo many hours trawling through my favourite new on-line book store *the book depository* and saved a few that i feel i cannot live without!

    i have had a lovely/busy time looking after extras each day of the hols so far...thats alot of anzac biscuits and pancakes to make...

    and i would tell you i love the colour of your lipgloss and aske if those few cute freckles were because you caught the sun in the garden this week?

    and i would then hug you for my surprise bags that are coming and buy you one more coffee for the road....i know...i know...even though we should all be cutting down....

    melissa x

  6. I would tell you that I am totally pissed off that my kids have lice and that I don't think it is possible for me to hate something any more than I hate lice. That we are throwing a birthday party this weekend for my son and I do not have the time or energy to deal with the massive amount of laundry, not to mention the dollars spent on lice products and the hours spent picking through their hair. I would also give you the best advice ever: always, ALWAYS add tea tree oil to your kids shampoo and conditioner. Don't EVER get lazy and tell yourself it's ok without it. It's not. Because they might get lice. And just to be sure, you might want to spray your son's hair with a little hair spray or gel every day before he goes to kindergarten, because lice don't seem to like it.

    I'd also squeal or scream or something at your egg basket find and let you know that I'm totally seething with jealousy, especially when it's full of those adorable tea towels.

    Oh yeah, and so sorry about your AC. That really does suck. We dealt with it last summer.

  7. I'd tell you that I'm totally envious of the fabrics in your super cute wire egg basket!

  8. I got a new camera strap this week too. And I love the name Drew for a girl. No A/C does sound bad in that kind of heat but I'm wishing to see anysort of sunshine. It's cloudy, raining, and 50 degrees...as it really has been for the majority of the last two weeks. It's really starting to bother me.

  9. Ya know, you'll never break a coffee habit with that wonderful looking cup you have there in your photo! Yum! I too have to have my coffee, Americano, every morning, via Starbucks. I'd say today it's hot here in Dallas, TX, welcome summer! and I'm just having my normal workday here at home and looking forward to Friday, my day off! Suzie

  10. I'd say...
    I love your coffee picture, and that wire egg basket filled with vintage towels!
    Share the happy news that my grandson went back to school today, he is finally getting better!!
    We are getting rainy sprinkles here today, with cloudy skies, and I am loving it because it will help my daughter's garden to grow...:)
    And...I would ask you if you made that very pretty cake for your niece. I thought I remember reading you were going to make her cake?!!! I LOVE THAT, it is so sweet!!! :)

  11. my goodness... I wish we could really meet for coffee!!! you crack me up.. love it!

    lllove that wire basket... and such a score!!!

    you SERIOUSLY have a fantastic blog here... love these virtual coffee posts... such fun.. I really look forward to your blog... you're so creative!

    good luck with the ac prob... eeks... sweating is so good for the pores... hahaha... bright side?

    love that coffee cup pic by the way!

    ok... so your hair looks super cute too... I would tell you today..hmm... my little girl is really great at drawing hearts now, and my other little peanut girl is at that stinker age which cracks me up how she's getting even with her big sis... my photog biz is taking off ... so exciting... and I really need to paint my toenails... and I could really go for some nutella but am resisting with blueberries... trying to eat healthy... hahah!

  12. Vintage overload in that basket -- I love each and every fabric.

  13. Oh, I love virtual coffee and how everyone comes and shares something totally different and random...just like a real conversation! :)

    Maybe one of these days we can skype and have real virtual coffee together, that would be cool!


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