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Monday, July 5, 2010

Going to the Drive-In was one of my very favorite things to do when I was little.
I still have vivid memories of me, my brother and sister in the back of my parent's light blue station wagon at the Drive-In.
My dad would pop several batches of popcorn, with butter and salt and put it all in a big paper grocery bag for us to take.
We filled the back of the wagon with sleeping bags and pillows and would change into our pajamas back there.
Going to the Drive-In was an event and I loved it.

Saturday night we took the kids to the Drive-In Theater.
Their first Drive-In experience (Wyatt did go with us when he was a baby but I'm not counting that).
We saw Toy Story 3.
And yes, we all loved it, it definitely lived up to all the hype....and YES, I cried.
 I think it was the perfect movie to take the kids to for their first movie at the Drive-In.

It was a bit if a last-minute decision to go so we did not pop our own popcorn (this time), but we did buy popcorn and brought our own candy.
Oh, the excitement!
Kids and parents were playing catch, riding the carousel and running around until the movie started.
You could see the stars and watch lightning bugs while watching the movie...and the weather was perfect.
And the sound from the movie comes out over your car radio....unbelievable to the kids.

Just to add to the excitement, Eric and Wyatt picked up a Jessie doll while running errands on Saturday and surprised Charlotte with it on the drive there. 
So Buzz, Woody and Jessie joined us for the movie.
Oh, and the Jeep! We got to take the Wagoneer which also made it that much more fun.

The Drive-In was totally worth the hour and a half drive and the kids being up hours past their bedtime. 

On the drive there Wyatt asked us what the Drive-In was going to be like, he wanted us to explain how the whole thing worked so he knew what to expect (his words).

Afterwards he said that it was not just how he expected it to be but even better.
I think he was right!

Despite the distance you often have to drive and what some might consider to be an "inconvenience" to the Drive-In Theaters, there really is something about supporting  a classic Drive-In Theater in hopes that they are around for our generation of children to enjoy.
Because there really is nothing else like it

*Look  here to see if there are any working Drive-Ins in your State/area. I hope there is!


  1. i love these pictures! what a sentimental experience. and one your kids won't forget!

  2. What a cool experience for all! Love your pictures, Amy!

  3. oh how fun!! Such vintage eye-candy here! I love that your brought the wagoneer too! Thanks for that far as I know all of the drive-ins have closed around here, but I will check.

  4. *sigh* A drive in movie sounds like so much fun! Great pictures, Amy!

  5. How cool is that.
    A drive in! That's awesome:) So glad you guys had fun!
    Someday, I'll go to one.... :D

  6. Oh my word we used to go with the paper bag full of popcorn too!! ;) in our station wagon!! ha ha! love your blog header! I am a new visitor~! ;) I wonder if Toy STory is playing at our nearest drive in!?? ;)

  7. OMG- i am bringing us all over to you to see TOy Story 3...i now refuse to drive the half hour to see it in a cinema- i bluntly refuse!!

    your photos are SUPERB!!!
    everyone of them!!!
    i also need to borrow that there ol' station wagon when we go....

    this whole evening & post is just TOO COOL!!!
    & how much do we all love our toy story toys!!

    melissa x

  8. I love the vintage feel to this post. What a great memory to have and to watch Toy Story as a family, priceless!!! I love your blog, it's really amazing!

  9. Amy- I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOVE these photos...every single one of them. They are perfect and I wish they were mine.

  10. If you want to reveal your secret action to me...leave a comment on my blog. I just LOVE it!

  11. oh Amy,this looks like it was so much fun and you totally rocked the pictures :0)
    What an awesome car too.

  12. A very neat way to spend a summer evening. I'm off to find the nearest drive-in.

  13. oh and BTW,I joined you for virtual coffee today:0)
    see you next Tuesday :0)

  14. yes, yes! i love this! i have the same memories as a little girl and we will be making our own, too. we are blessed to have a drive-in in our town! love it! your pictures are awesome.

  15. what a wonderful time! it seriously looks like something out a dream. i so wish we had one to go to. maybe there is one we could drive to as a destination though??? i've got to look into that!

  16. Great photos of a great night!
    Thought you lived near us!
    That is our drive-in too.
    You probably drove right by my house to get there!!!:)
    Enjoy the day

  17. awww...thanks!
    i hope i inspired someone to find a drive-in near them, that would make me really happy--and you, too! : )

    cindy: i thought you were closer to chicago (???) i need to email you and figure out where you are, that is so funny! : D

  18. These pictures are pure vintage heaven. That one of the neon signs is delicious! Sadly, all of the Drive-Ins on that list that are near us are on the "dead" list. :(

  19. One word about your post: precious!!! The words, the feelings, the story and *oh my* the PHOTOS. You have a gift Amy! Keep blogging~ we love ya!

    We go to the drive-in to celebrate the end of my son's soccer season~ about 12 players & their families & it is so much fun!!

    I haven't blogged lately, just busy with fun summer activities!

  20. Oooohhhhh.... I LOVE this! If I ever went to a drive-in when I was little, it was only once and i don't remember it. I SO want to do this with my kids!


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