{Virtual Coffee}

Thursday, July 8, 2010

So Tuesday felt like Monday and then the real Tuesday got away from me and so did most of Wednesday so I am totally late for coffee this week. It's kind of like real life.
  So let's just act like it is Tuesday.... go grab your coffee and come right back!

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning, and I really wish we were because I could use some adult conversation,  I would tell you:

that I slept in in until 8:00 this morning...ooops. Wyatt usually gets up early and sneaks past my bedroom so he can hang out with daddy for a while.  I hope that got me caught up on sleep because it feels like we have been going non-stop lately and I am tired.

i need to make a Summer reading list asap! We're going on vacation next week and
i.need.some. books.to.read. Any suggestions?

this is me this morning,  "getting pretty" for Charlotte's ballet show, aka: dancing around in the living room in a too-small leotard. She said I shouldn't wear my pajamas to her ballet show.

Tuesday the kids and I went to Court for my friend's adoption.  She adopted two siblings that she has been fostering for about 2 1/2 years. I'm so excited for both her and the kids...it was a great day! I am proud to report that my kids were very good in court, they may have been a little afraid of getting in trouble form the Judge and/or Police Officers.

that I did (baked, decorated) two cakes and cupcakes and made homemade buttercream icing yesterday...it does feel like I have been doing a lot of cakes lately...ready for a (short) break!

that i have had this Lady Gaga song in my head all day...and I am not a big LG fan (sorry)...now you go listen to it so it will be in your head all day!

*I am going to have a couple of friends Guest Post for Virtual Coffee  the next two weeks  because we are going to be on vacation, so make sure you stop in next Tuesday and say hi!
Also, a couple people have suggested doing a link up on Tuesdays for Virtual Coffee....would anyone be interested in that? Let me know whatcha think!
Okay, so that's it with me.
What about you...anything exciting going on in your neck of the woods?
Do tell!


  1. ahhh,so i didn't do it on the wrong day,you just stood me up!!LOL

  2. Natasha:
    I know, I totally stood everyone up on Tuesday...it's been way too busy of a week for me! : ) Sorry!

  3. mmmmm..your coffee and cupcakes look so delish! Books..I just finished the Wednesday Sisters and Shanghai Girls, both I stayed up late to read, which means they were good! Next on my list is the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo..everyone is talking about that. Have a great rest of the week!

  4. The mornings are daddy's... the kids know that if they get up early to get daddy so mommy can catch a few extra minutes sleep!

    I meant to tell you - doing the linkup thing is really super easy. I've used http://www.linkytools.com/ and it's easy as pie. And I'd most certainly link up on occasion ;)

  5. OH - and pick up "If You Want to Write" by Brenda Uleand. Excellent inspiration for life as well as art.

  6. If you haven't yet read "The Help," that was one of my very favorite reads of the year. And I just finished "Sleep Toward Heaven"--more gory than I normally like to read (about murderers), but oh so good and thought-provoking; I couldn't put it down. If we were really sitting down to coffee today, I'd tell you how life has been so crazy lately that blog posts have been the extent of my reading, and I can't believe I let myself go so long without a good absorbing read! Now I can't wait to pick up my next book--which is my usual state of being.

  7. Hey! Tuesday night didn't feel like Wednesday would be the next possible day...
    And Wednesday I misplaced as Monday a few times.

    Heck yeah, being late is life...
    I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee right now, so I'm ready! hehe
    Oh my word. Can I have one of those cupcakes?
    Hmm. Exciting? I'm painting today. I haven't for probably a week...so that's nice.

    And yesterday I got to start learning how to cane a chair, as my brother learned from this Grandma friend-of-the-family-for-forever taught him some basics.
    So that's interesting. I hear it's becoming a lost art. So there's going to be a blogpost about that, since I have pictures of the progress! :)

    I think a link-up would be pretty fun!

  8. I've been staying up until 2 or 3 and sleeping...past 8am. I'll leave it at that.

    It's been hard for me to get going since The Boy's dyslexia therapy is over for the summer. I almost need a mid-morning appointment to motivate me.

    There is a band on You Tube called Pomplamoose. They do their own music but do a lot of covers as well. They do a version of Lady Gaga's song Telephone that kicks the original's ass. In my opinion at least.

    If we were meeting for coffee/tea I'd tell you that I'm annoyed at things I shouldn't be. And that annoys me even more.

    I found a magical wrinkle cream. It really works!

    I just ate 2 pounds of fresh strawberries with The Offspring. It's summer. I'm taking advantage of its bounty.

    I like your Liberty wear...is that a shirt or scarf or both. If it's both then I have the same shirt and scarf. We have good taste.

  9. okay, so what gaga song was it? love me some gaga. now i should say "sorry"? perhaps i should admit i love me some eminem, too? and he's got a great one out now...

  10. oh! i didn't know my link wasn't working...POKER FACE. I don't really like it but it does stay in my head... : D
    and eminem...yep, i can listen to some eminem while working out!

  11. No good summer reads here....13 month olds kind of make that impossible! :)
    Redoing our kitchen island this weekend...wish us luck.
    Please don't even mention Gaga...her songs are impossible to get out of your head.
    I want to know what wrinkle cream Dani is using!!!:)

  12. I see my book suggestions are already in the comments. "The Help" - it's really good. The way I've been picking books- find out what are the top 5 books on hold at the library. Anyways..."The Help" is really good. I am now reading "The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo" Not my typical pick but so far so good and I think its going to get really good. Those were number one and number two on hold in my system....both had over 900 holds placed- must be good.

  13. i cannot stop laughing at the fact she told you to get dressed for her recital. awesome!!


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