Wash Day::

Friday, July 9, 2010

We have been going way too much lately so I vowed that we would not leave the house Thursday.
No matter what.
We had offers, we could have made plans, but I would not budge.
So I set up this mini wash station for the kids on the front porch and it entertained them for a long time.

I don't think there is a child out there that does not love to pretend to be "working" like mom and dad, I know my kids do. 
Now if only I enjoyed doing the laundry this much.
Sadly, I do not.
 And it is very evident in our home,  just ask Eric.

here' what we used:

ironing board
dish towels
mini clothes line
clothes pins
little washer
little play sink
spray bottles

Now I need to find a mini wash board, that would be fun.
Oh and the super cute sweeper? Found that for $3 antiquing recently...love it!
I also paid just $3 for the ironing board and $6 for the little red iron.
 I think I may just use this idea for a photoshoot with Charlotte the next time around.
Happy Washing, Y'all!

Oh and a reminder....Saturday is the 10'th ...TEN ON TEN time again!
If you haven't yet, you should join in the fun!
I hope everyone is having a great week and...woot! It's Friday!


  1. LOVING those photos miss.amy.....

    have a linky to you on todays post- pop by for a lookie....

    melissa xxx

  2. I LOVE these pictures, Amy! And I love how into helping Charlotte "play wash day" that you got...with all your stellar vintage goodness! We've been going too much here too and I'm starting to go a bit crazy! A slow down is definitely in order around here, too!

  3. ohhh wow, I really really do looove this! beautiful photographs as always but wow, such a day!

  4. Gorgeous photos as always! That little sweeper is just the cutest ever. And those little hands wringing. Precious.

    Can't wait to see your 10 on 10 tomorrow.

    Hey, is there a post missing? I swear I can't access one. Weird.

  5. These pictures.
    Wow. These pictures.
    I love how simple and slow and vintagey they look.
    Great job capturing it!

  6. Very cute! Lots of good stuff here.

    Looks like you already have your photo shoot!

  7. Such a great idea!! I always try to rush through chores, and forget that they can be fun and great learning activities. Thank you for this :)

  8. That's a fun idea! I love all of the vintage toys you've scored.

    Yesterday was our down time day, too. We've been on the move so much that my head was starting to spin. It was wonderful to just spend a day at home doing not much.

  9. I love every single one of these images! The toys add so much to what I imagine the mood of the day must have been.

    A perfect, unrushed day.


  10. maybe that's why i don't get more laundry done? it clearly helps to have super cute vintage bits to help you get it all done. i think i'll see what i can do about that this weekend. :)

    so glad you posted about 10 on 10. i actually remembered, but hadn't heard anything so i thought maybe it wasn't going on. i'm excited for bust out the camera after a week of zero picture taking.

  11. Oh, I DO love wash day and these photos are just precious. The little hands ironing the embroidered cloth stole my heart. Pure sweetness.
    I have seen small washboards at some small-town hardware stores

  12. Yeah, it may have looked cute and fun (and it was) but it wasn't much help, it actually created more laundry for me! : ) Oh well.....

  13. Your pictures are all beautiful!
    Love this site!
    You've inspired me to do some laundry.

  14. just had to stop back by to tell you that you inspired me to add some house toys to our arsenal. i couldn't find vintage, but did come across some really cute wooden toys that the kids are having a ball with. thanks for reminding me how much fun kids have with simple mama make believe.

  15. I swear I think this is the cutest thing I've ever seen!


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