{Photo Shoot}

Monday, August 30, 2010

Okay, now when I say photo shoot I don't mean like a
real-paying-job photo shoot but a photo shoot nonetheless.
I'm not quite there, yet.  Just wanted to clarify.
Anyway, this is from a photo shoot last weekend with my cousin's little girl.
She just turned 4-years old last month.
I am pretty happy with how they turned out.
I say pretty happy because there are a few things I could/should have done
 differently and things I should have taken into consideration ahead of time...
 but it's all a learning experience.
And I'm okay with that.
It was hot and the sun was really bright. Note to self: start earlier next time.

I think there are some really cute ones and we picked a good spot for pictures.
I love the last one myself.
Oh and the candy necklace?
Not only do they taste good, it was a big hit!
I had to wait to snap pictures between bites many times....but that's okay.
I am so stocking up on candy necklaces now.

*     *     *
Hope everyone has a happy, happy Monday!
And make sure & join me here tomorrow for Virtual Coffee.


  1. I absolutely LOVE these photos -- they make me feel all warm and happy inside.

  2. I think I like the black and white one the best, but I do love all of them especially the tea party with her dolly. Terrific photos!

  3. they are beautiful! I love the 2nd one in particular, but the tea party pictures are adorable! That patchwork quilt adds such a great burst of color. They are very happy pictures!

  4. What a doll! They turned out so great!
    So, I am always wondering... how do you get that warmy, glowy effect in your photos. Do you do it in post processing or use a filter??? I always love how your shots just ooze SUNSHINE!

  5. those are wonderful!! i love the second one. the clouds, the grass, and balloons. yum! really delightful. p.s. i think i'm gonna do it...the 365. but i swear you're gonna have to ride my ass to make sure i don't slack off, k? i hope so. here we go...posting on my photo journal site now.

  6. The last two are definitely my favorites, I love (but find it hard to achieve) photos of children just absorbed in playing and you captured your cousin's little girl just perfectly doing that in those two.

  7. Great job..I really love the 2nd one and the last one too. Isn't it funny how much different it is when you are just there to take pictures...rather than just doing it casually for fun. You learn so much more.

  8. I love all of them! You did a great job! I love the backgrounds and the tea party one is just precious!

  9. I love these, how cute and great photography skills! Beautiful :)

  10. Hi Amy,
    I found your wonderful blog via Melissa (miss sew and so), my eye caught your nr 13 with the word lucky in front. It made me curious and then I saw the balloon photo and read a couple of your posts... I really like what you do! I just started blogging a few weeks ago and I'm still amazed at how creative everyone is. The blogging world is bigger and better than I had thought and I, like you, wish I had done it sooner, but he, I'm here now and enjoy every minute of it! I will be back to hit that follow button, again it doesn't work, hope you have a good evening, I'm off to sleep now (i live in Switzerland) and I'm glad I've found your blog! Night!

  11. Wow, very beautiful! These pictures take my breath away!

  12. Very pretty. The last two are my favorites.

    Candy necklaces, huh? I'll make a mental note.

  13. Oh my word they turned out so well!!! So sweet :)

  14. Ohmigosh she's darling.
    And my dear, you did a positively WONDERFUl job shooting her! It's beautiful! I love all the different shots, angles etc that you did:)

  15. when I scrolled through I thought I HAVE to comment on how wonderful that third one is...and then I got to the last one...which is just superb!

  16. Absolutely precious. Maybe I should get my boys candy necklaces and hide them under their shirts... ;) These pictures are spot on!

  17. The 2nd one makes my heart go pitter-patter. Your cousin must be thrilled to have these gorgeous pix!


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