{A Little Bit of Lovely}

Monday, August 30, 2010

Two posts in one day.
I know...kinda crazy, right?
Well, I had to link up with Heather's
"Take Life and Make It Lovely" Monday today.
Love this idea.
So here is a bit of my everyday made lovely...taking my cup of tea,
adding a fancy little saucer
and sitting in my chair to drink it while looking through a cook book.
In peace and quiet.

And let me just tell you about my newest obsession:
Estate Sales.
Yep, love them.
Can't get enough.
Obsessed, really.
I got a few of these fancy little rose saucers with a fancy little tea party in mind.
Never mind the plastic tea sets,
at just $1 it's not the end of the world if these break, right?

*       *       *
Oh and this mug? My top pick as a paint color for my kitchen this week.
I cannot seem to make a decision for anything.
Somebody help me, please! 


  1. That is a nice piece of lovely.

  2. oh my kitchen back in florida was painted almost exactly that color- it was behr's sweet rhapsody and i loved it. it looked lovely with red accents.

  3. you can't go wrong with that color! it so happy!!
    i'm kind of freaking out over how great that quote is. i LOVE that!! and i love your peace and quiet time ritual.

  4. gorgeous tea set. That is indeed making it lovely :) visiting from Heather's!

  5. Very Lovely Amy!
    Love that quote too....
    Enjoy the day

  6. I love a good estate/yard sale too. And I love that you can't choose a paint color to save your life either. My walls are all still covered in little squares of "test" colors waiting for me to make up my mind!

  7. My new favorite colors are: a melon orange- think pinkish orange with robin's egg blue.


  8. I have never been to an estate sale. Those saucers are just lovely. I like the blue of that cup too, but if our kitchen is already very bright and light it might be a little too much brightness? If it is dark and needs brightening I think the color would be fabulous. We rarely paint but I am the same about colors when we do, it took us months to find just the right pink for our daughter's bedroom!

    Lovely photo too.

  9. LOVE it!! My daughter loves to eat off of china plates-mostly mismatched ones found secondhand. I have that same mug, from Target, right?? Love the color!! That or a fresh green would be pretty for your kitchen...


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