Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things feel so busy lately.
And if you really knew me, you would know that I don't like 
to be busy...not super busy,  anyway.
I don't like the constant running, errands, school things, work things,
appointments, volunteering, etc. that seem to come all at once.
It wears me down physically and doesn't allow us
the down time at home I think we all need.
And I get stressed.

What I might hate more than just feeling super busy is mind-busy.
Yes, mind-busy
Do you know what I mean?
I'm not talking about just housework and errands and work and whatever I'm talking 
about all that regular stuff but then all the little hundreds of things looming.
I hate the looming (I actually kind of hate the word looming, too).
All those little things that add up to be one huge thing.
 Things that won't occur or for weeks, things you don't have to
 do immediately but they are there, or will be.
Birthdays and parties and school stuff and a to-do list longer than your arm.
And of course, what feel likes not enough time to do it all.

Wyatt's Birthday is this Sunday the 3rd, my mom's is the 4'th, my dad's Birthday
 is the 11'th and Charlotte's is the 13th.
See what I mean?
Parties, presents, invitations that should have already been sent out....
I'll spare you the rest of my list.
I know you know just what I mean.

But right now I'm drinking my coffee, while Charlotte and I are watching
 Snow White...all the windows are open, listening to the continual buzz
of the tree cutters two houses down...people are riding their bikes and walking
 their dogs down the street and it is a perfectly beautiful Fall day.

And really? Life is good.
I just need to remember this, while I chip away at that to-do list and
 sweep and mop my poor neglected floors,  while working on Birthday invitations and return emails.
Stressed, overwhelmed, tired, busy...
and lucky.

Wow, I was so happy to see so many people linking up for Virtual Coffee this week, 19 people so far!
I really hope to get around to visit all of them today...I'm trying!


  1. i know just what you mean. i don't like the looming either. i like a lot of down time. that's happy time to me. and your right, chipping away at the list is the best way to look at it. i need to remember that. thanks for that friend!

  2. Ooh! Ooh! That caterpillar is beyond beautiful!!!!! I do so love taking pictures of bugs.

    I know what you mean about the "looming". It's a whirlwind from here till the new year.

    Which is why I lazy the days that I can lazy and try to not overcrowd the days that we have plans. I feel anger and frazzleness when I am too busy.

    I heart your pictures. They make me happy.

  3. i just love those tricycle photos....
    what great tights!!!!

    hope that you can enjoy yourself and not stress about the small stuff~


  4. We have that October birthday madness too! It's like a rollercoaster ride until Jan. 1st. Just throw your hands up and enjoy the ride. :)

  5. I love that pic of the leaf in your hands and sun-flare peeking around.
    Me no likey the too-busy, either.

  6. Looming is a great word for describing that feeling of too many things piling up and about to descend. Congratulations on getting so many people joining your Coffee Morning link up which I intend to get around to doing soon!

  7. I want to link up too to your coffee morning. Tuesday is my busiest day but hopefully next week. Look at those lovely autumn colours on your leaf photo..wonderful!

  8. I know just what you mean. if it was up to me life would always go at a nice pace.

  9. The mind busyness can be more overwhelming to me than any other kind most days. If I have a clear head, I feel like I can tackle the world. But with so much clutter, I feel so overwhelmed that I almost can't do anything. It's in these moments that I constantly tell myself to just start chipping away: do something, anything, to start chipping away at the mountain. I hope things clear out for you soon and that you get to fully enjoy all that fun stuff coming your way! xo

  10. Love your pretty picture! I've been feeling the same way this week.

  11. Just don't get so busy that you can't take pictures..... or blog! I would really miss these photos and posts. I always feel so inspired by your captures - that caterpillar - gasp!

  12. I hear ya on the mind busy. I hate being late and I really hate rushing. I feel like if I'm mind-busy, I procrastinate to the point where I'm late and rushing, and no, no, that's not good.
    Love these shots. Aren't you so glad it's Fall?! Great caterpillar shot!
    It's almost the weekend, and then we can exhale a little. :)
    Thanks for stopping by and for sharing coffee with us all.

  13. *looming* is such a loaded word isn't it....
    it just feels like an anchor!

    sometimes the lists are more overwhelming than whats on them!
    i am an obsessed list writer....& the list does just *loom* over me like all the events...

    so, boringly i just *try* to keep my present basket in the cupboard full, i buy gifts in mind for people when i see them as they are never there when i go back {!} and my card drawer *stocked* up so i can pull bits out when i need to...

    in fact the one of the things that upset me about moving 15,000 miles away from oz to ol'blighty was the lack of *bday bits* that i didn't have *stashed* in my english cupboard...i needed to build these up asap so i didn't feel it looming over me!!
    god i sound totally bonkers when i read this back...but it's true....

    soo ignore loom honey ....
    give it another name...
    as you say life is GOOD...and watching snow white with your gal and a coffee and the windows open IS heaven...
    and get yourself a *present box*...then at least its only school and the rest that hangs over our heads!!

    melissa xox

  14. Love this post. Love, love, love that you end with "Life is good." Kuddos for keeping it real ;) even when there is so much to do!

  15. Photos are amazing! Here's hoping each day feels as if you have a couple of extra hours to give you that reflect time.

  16. I get you. I am a stresser. Your Oct is my March. Birthday after birthday. When I know there's a lot coming up...even if it's tiny little things or things I should ENJOY doing, I feel the pressure and I become tense and on edge. So not fun to be around. How do you think I earned my pet name (Mean-Ass Woman)? Yep, BSD calls me Mean-Ass Woman. :(


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