{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hello there, gorgeous Tuesday morning.
This is it. 
Fall is really here. 
But before I get into all that, let's have coffee.

So if we were really meeting for coffee this morning....

 I would tell you that I am having mine this morning with banana bread.
Warm banana bread.
And if we were really meeting for coffee?
I would totally share the banana bread with you and I
 would send you home with a loaf.

I would also tell you that this is one of my favorite times of year,  maybe my most favorite.
But really, I love something about every season. Even Winter.
The temps are supposed to be in the mid-70's here all week.
Coffee + Banana bread + Perfect Fall morning = True love always.

I would tell you that  my boy is turning six this week.
This totally shocks me, it really does.
More on that later though.
{And I will have many more pictures to share from our Photo Shoot later this week}

I'd ask if you are in love with Pandora Radio like I am.
I love listening to it on my computer.
It's a great way to find new-to-me music and listen to my old favorites.

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would ask you if there are any really
good TV shows you are watching or plan to watch this Fall.
I love finding a new show to watch but I must admit, I am a little picky. 
Any suggestions?

Well, I have laundry, dishes and disgustingly dirty floors
calling my name so I really should be going now.
Thanks for joining me for coffee this morning.
Remember to link up today...or any time this week!
Happy Tuesday!


  1. I LOVE Pandora! Although sometimes they really do get it wrong...like, REALLY wrong haha. As for tv shows this fall, it's the usual around here...Bones, House, Hell's Kitchen, Fringe, and the new faves: Parenthood and Modern Family.

    Woohoo Fall!!! It's my favorite too ;0)

  2. Six, gasp! Now how did that happen? :D

    Well we're a little behind here in Holland but I do like 'Glee' and 'the Big Bang Theory' as far as TV shows go. I finished reading 'Miss Potter' and the book was every bit as good as the movie.

    Yesterday I mustered my courage and signed up for a flash photography workshop and a 'meet & greet' day for photographers, models, & make up artists which my friend has been encouraging me to do.

    I'm am not lovin' my shorter haircut.

    Happy Tuesday!

    - Nancee_art on Flickr

  3. Hey! I checked out Cartwheels In My Mind...that's awesome, and exciting! Any luck on the blog stuff? I love Pandora, 'cause I really like finding new music. Thanks for coffee again this week! Love that last shot of the shoe...and love that shoe!! :)

  4. I found you last week and i've been waiting all week for this. LOVE this idea!

    I'm living in africa, so I don't have TV or any fall shows... or fall weather for that matter. :) i loved pandora before i moved and we had just started getting into some shows. agreed, modern family is great. we also like community a lot- humor similar to the office.

    ps- is there a trick to the whole thumbnail thing? i had to try 4 times and it kept making me start over. not real sure why... (good thing it worked the 4th time or i was just going to give up!)

  5. Okay - I really am coming over if you are giving out warm Banana bread :D I love fall too - it is such a lovely season and GO BEARS :D

  6. Mmm...banana bread. I may have to make some now. :)

    We don't watch a lot of tv, but we do watch Mad Men religiously. It's the 4th season and we're still loving it.

    Fall is totally my favorite season. But, it's in the 80s all week this week in Colorado. Boo.

  7. That cup of coffee looks amazing!

  8. Do you put cinnamon on your coffee? It always looks so very pretty!
    We watch Modern Family, Castle, and the Amazing Race :) Plus... Thursday night on NBC.

  9. Golly. I just have to say, once again, that your coffee is beautiful. Mine never looks quite that elegant. :)
    Hmm....we watch more movies than tv shows, but most times in the fall we try to keep up with Biggest Loser. heh.

  10. My son just turned 6 last week. I wanted him to stay at 5, but that didn't happen...
    We are having gorgeous fall weather here. I love it. And I love banana bread too, but if we were having coffee, I would probably make my cinnamon bread!

  11. i love pandora. and banana bread. not necessarily in that order. my two fave stations right now are 1234 by Feist and Elizabeth Mitchell (childrens)
    Oh, and i love the show parenthood. it's my fave right now. well, that and project runway.

  12. We almost bought Lydia those very shoes. . .the kitty looks like our new little kitty! But, waiting to use my Kohls cash!

    Thanks for the coffee!

  13. This is my first entry :-) and there is just one minute for my tuesday to end.. Thanks for the coffee

  14. Hi there!

    Popp'n over from Heather's (blessed little nest)to say 'hi'! ;)

    I love this time of year too - always have. Probably stems from the fact my b-day is in october!

    I SO heart Pandora!!!
    Favorite shows?

    GLEE & Parenthood, YO!
    It's the 2nd season for both of them (began last week)
    You can also watch them online to catch up from the beginning or if you can't catch them when they air on Tuesdays.

    Maybe I'll meet cha back here next week and link up - looks like fun!


  15. I also love Pandora, that is always what I play in my car through my ipod. Not sure what kind of music you like, but I remember reading you like a little of everything, so one of my favorite recent pandora station finds is Broken Bells. As far as TV shows, one of my favorites (in its second season) is Life Unexpected. Fall is by far my favorite season! 6th birthday...how exciting!!

  16. Mmmmm banana bread... yum!

    Shows to watch: Mad Men (but I think you mentioned you love it so strike that) Boardwalk Empire, how I met your mother, Justified (when it comes back), Detroit 187 (Michael Imperioli!), Glee, and SNL (still) ... I still have yet to watch Blue Bloods & No Ordinary family. I want to see both.

  17. ahhhh...so excited to see so many people linking up today! : ) i have a parent meeting tonight at school so i'll be home late so i won't have a chance to read until late tonight or first thing in the morning....gives me something to look forward to!

  18. tv....im so glad for fall just because im tired of watching crap tv. im an animation lover so i definitely still tune in for the sunday night simpsons/family guy/cleveland show. other than that its the usual 30 rock and big bang theory for me.

  19. oh, and happy almost birthday to your boy!!!

  20. Love this series, what a brilliant idea.

  21. Wow, your coffee looks much better than mine. I will be up at 7am, you can leave one for me on the table. :)

  22. hi amy :)
    i always forget it is tuesday, then here you are, making me smile! i love that pic of your son & those balloons- can't wait for more! and that sweet kitty kat shoe? oh, i would have had them in every size when laura was little. she was such a kitty!
    as for tv... well, i am hooked on so many. amazing race, chuck & castle are my favs right now!

  23. Hi Amy! This is my first week joining you, and I'm a day late, how embarrassing. :) You can thank Dawn and Corinne for sending me your way . . . My son will be six next Friday, and I am feeling your pain. I LOVE the balloon picture. I am so copying it. I hope that's okay with you. :) And I love pandora. Best invention ever.

    Thanks for hosting this; it's so much fun. Maybe next week I'll even post on time . . . although I wouldn't count on it. :p

  24. I just found this virtual coffee world ;) - - but I'm more of a tea girl ;D
    Your shots look so good....
    I love this time of the year also.

  25. I'd take you up on that banana bread.

    I wish I could help you with the tv situation. Unless it's an NBA game or football game, I'm lost.
    We live for the game here in this house.

    Happy 6th to your little man!

  26. eek! i forgot to wish your little man happy birthday. i hope his day is magical. :)


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