{Feelin' Kinda Fallish}

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So I am totally lusting after all things Fall these days.
The weather was perfectly Fall-like over the weekend but it's not just the weather
...it's that feeling.
That anticipation of the season to come.

Truth be told, I am always sad to see Summer go
 but since it is inevitable, I am looking forward to...

 brown and orange
 toasty and plaid
 corduroy and football games 
hot chocolate and coffee
caramel apples and pumpkins
apple orchards
thinking about Halloween costumes 
dressing my girl in cute skirts and tights
new brown boots (for me)
apple and pumpkin pies
two October Birthdays
dark nail polish and jean jackets
cute scarves
Fall decorations
red, yellow and orange leaves
crisp air.

Camp fires and S'mores. Ahhh...the smell of a campfire is one of my most favorite things.
I mean, right up there with that newborn baby smell.
And the S'mores?

Okay, so Fall does not officially begin until September 22, still a few weeks away.
But I think I'm feeling ready now.
When will Fall be coming to your neck of the woods?
And tell me, what is your most favorite thing about Fall?

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  1. reeses pb cups on s'mores? yumm!
    guess what?
    i have about six of those kraft cheese boxes, myself!
    i am looking forward to fall weather, but here fall happens without a cool-down. football & marching band... that is our life right now. i am loving it!

  2. Love your Fallish-looking photos! Reeses with smores? That's a new one I have not heard of yet, sounds delish!!! :)
    Looking forward to cooler weather, pumpkins, falling leaves, and a little pumpkin pie to go with LOTS of whipped cream!

  3. i am so jealous of all this fall talk. i really dislike where i live this time of year! there is no such thing as fall in florida :(

  4. S'mores with peanut butter cups? I'm having one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments. I must go build a campfire soon, just to try this concoction. Yummers.

  5. It sure was a beautiful very fally weekend wasn't it! Loved it and today isn't so bad either!
    I am ready for windows open, pumpkins on the porch and jeans and hoodies!:)
    I agree with everyone else...RPB Cups...genius!:)
    Enjoy the day

  6. i like your list, especially the skirts and tights for your girly. i can't wait to do that this year with my little pea! come on fall...we're waiting with open arms for you.

  7. I'm getting ready for fall myself, but Houston won't feel like fall until late October...maybe even later. Boo.

    I'm looking to get some new boots myself. And I love scarves, fall colors (both leaves, and fashion), and warm weather food.

    Favorite thing about fall? basketball season starts.

  8. I have never seen smores with Reese's..but yum..I like it!! Fall is by far my favorite season...I love fall colors and tones, I always have. I wish I lived on the east coast during the fall. Today it actually felt like fall, rained a bit this AM, windy..I love it!

  9. LOVE Fall. Wasn't yearning for it this year though. Finally starting to get in the mood. The thing I want most about fall right now are HoneyCrisp apples. Best apples ever when they're at their peak. And the only apples that both my ballerinas will gobble up without fail.

  10. I'm so ready for fall, and being a fellow Illinoisan, I'm thinking it's feeling like fall lately. :) We love smores here too and Reese's taste awesome in a smore. Yummy! Fall is my favorite season, although I think it's not long enough. It seems we go right from hot to freezing cold in a matter of weeks, so we have to enjoy the few weeks of 60s and 70s that we'll get. :)

  11. I have NEVER thought about putting PB cups on smores and NOW I just have to try it.

    It is always bittersweet to say farewell to the summer, but something in the early fall air beckons us to enjoy the excitement of the changing season and all it brings- the harvest, colorful splendor, football games, halloween fun, and so much more!!! I am with you... I love the fall!

  12. Thanks for this post! I feel fallish too...

    I linked this as part of my Friday Five at Kate's Library!

  13. It is so not fall around here. The high today is 97* and super humid.

    I cannot believe I never thought about making a smore with a peanut butter cup!

    My favorite things about fall? Halloween and my and Max's birthdays.


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