{My New Life as Mrs. Bramer}

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am still getting adjusted to my new role as Mrs. Bramer.
That might sound like I just became Mrs. Bramer, like I recently got married and
 changed my name or something, which is most definitely not the case 
sinceI have officially been Mrs. Bramer for ten years now.
I am talking about the role of Mrs. Bramer, the mother to a school-age child.
A kindergartener. 
I knew that Wyatt starting school would be a big change for him and for little sister 
and I at home but I didn't quite realize the new role I would be taking on.
Oh, the responsibility.

The remembering.
The getting up on time.
The important dates, the field trips, the wear red to school day, 
the day snacks need to be turned in.
Milk money, lunches packed, water bottles, gym shoes, clean clothes.
The forms, the physicals, the paperwork.
The volunteering in the classroom.
The papers signed and sent back.
Coordinating Birthday treats for his class.

Some days I think I am doing really good to be responsible for myself.
This is all kinda new to me.

Preschool didn't quite prepare me for this, for which I am now glad.
Driving to school, picking up. I already did that three days a week for one year.
At preschool we were very spoiled though
 and the kids were picked up and delivered right to our cars.
I loved it.
This was done due to lack of parking and we could go in to pick up if we
 wanted to but we did not have to. 
I liked this because I did not have to chit-chat with all of the other parents.
And that is exactly one of the reasons I don't like pick-up at school now.
Ugh...the chit-chat, the small talk.
Wait... did I just say that out loud? 
I know.
 That sounds really wrong of me.
I'm just not good at that, not a fan of the small talk.
And it's not that I don't want to know the parents of the kids in my child's class 
because I do...not just that well, and not every day. 
I don't like having to be presentable for pick-up and
Some days  I just don't feel like having to make Charlotte look presentable either.
Now that's just pure laziness, I know.
Put a bra on, wash the calamine lotion off of my face, take off my raggedy yoga pants.
Really I just want to get my boy and get back home. 
And this just prolongs things a bit more.
And really? 
If one more mom asks me, or Charlotte, why she isn't in school 
I am going to be seriously annoyed. 
But that's a post for another day. 

Every time Wyatt's teacher calls me Mrs. Bramer I want to look over my shoulder,
 wondering what in the hell my mother-in-law is doing at school.
Oh, she's talking to me.
That's right.
I've tried to tell her just to call me Amy.... 
And how did I get here so fast, anyway? 
Mrs. Bramer;  the mother of a kindergartener.
Wasn't he just born like a couple of years ago?

It all just takes a bit of getting used to...and I'm getting there. 
With my clipboard, my dry erase board, my list of sight words to practice at home, 
the lining up babysitters so I can go on the field trip next week, the alarm clock.
The yellow shirt already washed and ready for Yellow Day tomorrow.


I did say slowly so I must confess that Loser Mom showed her face last week when
 I went to pack Wyatt's lunch and realized we were out of bread.
So the pb & j was made on a hamburger bun and he didn't seem to care.
I guess Mrs. Bramer needs to make sure there is always a loaf of
 bread frozen for back-up. 
Oh and as far as the little man goes? 
He has adjusted to his role as The Kindergartener quite well. 
We are very proud of him.


  1. He looks mighty grown up to be a kindergartener.

  2. This day will come all too fast for me! I'm a little scared. I can relate to not wanting to be presentable at preschool...The other day I went for the "maybe she just worked out at the gym" look ;) I love the pictures!

  3. Oh my goodness, I hate dealing with the parents at pick up time too. And I used to teach! I hated it as the teacher and I loathe it as the parent.

    My philosophy as the parent who is home all day is that I am involved enough that my daughter realizes I know how important her teacher, class, school work, school community is to her and that it's also important to Evan and me, but little enough that I'm not out of my comfort zone as a somewhat anti-social mom. It's a fine line I walk. :)

  4. Hi Amy! I laughed reading this post! You are funny, and I can say, it doesn't get easier, (I have an almost 13 old girl and an almost 3 year old girl) and my oldest went away on 3 and 5 days schooltrips, that was really hard! But I think it's also a letting go proces isn't it? Give them roots and wings. Well, the small talk I can relate to and the not wanting to get out of the old pants too! We could start a club for moms like us. I hope you will enjoy the fieldtrip! Bye now! Maureen
    (oh, and I love the photo with his flipflops!)

  5. you crack me up! i know just what you mean though. it's like being dropped into a completely different world. while your still wearing your jammies. with bed head.

  6. Mrs. Bramer -- get used to it! It's going to be a long 13-year haul and then it ends so quickly. I just posted about the fact that after 13-years I no longer have a little one in elementary school to make lunch for. That's making me sad. I'm glad your boy is doing well.

  7. I think you have been reading my mind... All the way through this post I was nodding my head... when I had my daughters, I didn't realise that a whole new social circle opened up... an uninvited one... My eldest is still in pre-K, so I haven't got it full blown yet... I've mastered the art of 'I'm too busy to talk... the baby is crying... leave me alone I'm frazzled look'... I guess that doesn't wash in Kindergarten though??

  8. Great post! And, the pictures in it? LOVE THEM! Glad he is loving kindergarten and glad you are getting used to be Mrs. Bramer :)

  9. i actually miss those days... waiting for my kiddos at the front of the school. once they hit middle school those days were long gone. but now? here i am, once again, hanging out waiting for my daughter... after band practice. and volunteering because i can't seem to get enough of it. shy ol' me... it still amazes me. i hope you get used to the small talk... and maybe even start to like it :)

  10. I can't even imagine... but we'll be there soon enough.
    (I'm finding myself super pissed off having to go through the "no, he's not in preschool yet..." thing because we decided Fynn will only go for one year (if that... shhhh...) and since he has a late birthday... he'll be four in November... you know how it goes... (I'm guessing you do anyway! :) ) ) Did I use enough parentheses??

    He's so sweet. LOVE the pictures.

  11. What a lovely post - your first photo is just absolutely beautiful. Lovely post. We have two years to go before Kindergarten so right now I enjoy the easy drop off and pick up and do not relish the day when I have to become more the sociable Mom being the antisocial sort that I am.

  12. I've been Mrs. Senske (and before that Miss Hallmark) for so long now that I never even think of how that might be big change for the moms in my class.

    I'm glad things are going well and that you are getting into the swing of things. I wish all my parents were as on top of things as you.

    And I only use hamburger buns to make The Offspring's sandwiches. No crusts to cut-off, yo.

  13. Mrs. Bramer, the look on your sons face is priceless.

  14. I KNOW!!!!! You just described my life too. And my head is still spinning a little at all the new tasks... homework... fund raisers... pto meetings..... gathering box tops.... picture day.... it is a lot to get used to. Thank goodness there are only a few mom's that do pick-up at our school. Most of the kids ride the bus. phew - since I am almost always in my yoga pants and stinky sweaty from the Y. Yikes :D

  15. Ah kindergarten, my daughter loved kindergarten. And I love your photos!

  16. Mrs Bramer, I'm known as Madame Hornbuckle, which sounds really bizarre as the French find it diffcult to pronounce - sounds more like Ornbook-la.

    You sound like you're doing a great job and your son looks sooo great!

  17. oh you make me laugh...
    OUT LOUD!!...

    what is it with new mums and pre-school...
    the only thing you have in common is that your kiddos are in the same class....
    i think a new friendship needs to be built on a little more than that!
    some of my closest girlfriends have been made through school...but i would have loved these ladies anyway!

    and the friendships are not ours ...but our childrens to make...it's their world thats opening up...

    anyway...after having all 3 of mine start school, in two different countries...i can tell you its the same the world over....

    at least in australia- when the school run starts in jan and its still 30 deg you can tie your hair back, makeup free and stick on a house happy frock & pretend you are heading to the beach...for health and exercise reasons of course....

    throw yourself into the class and his life....not the school gate scene honey...you'll be happier for it...

    melissa x

    p.s -I want that photo of wyatts feet over the red trailer- DIVINE!!

  18. this is so funny, amy. i'm so with you on the whole chit-chat with moms thing. i could go without. i love that you wrote about the transition for you as the mom of a kindergartener. we've all talked about the trans. for our kids, the getting on the bus, the going to school on their own, etc., but i love this idea of you (us) having a new role, too. it's so true, i just never thought about it that way. you are so cute and witty. i'd love to chit-chat with you after school!

  19. LOL, I laughed with this. It's so true though, and it's so hard transitioning from preschool or no school to Kindergarten. You get a system and a routine, especially when you have more than one in. I had all 3 in starting last year and that was an adjustment. This year is more difficult too with Sawyer being in 1st grade, because he has more homework and the other two do as well. We also have middle school sports now on top of rec and travel soccer and I'm ready to rip my hair out! lol

    I can so relate to not wanting to talk all the time to other parents. I'm very involved at my kids' school, but I hate the chit chat crap. I'm so glad that my kids ride the bus so I don't have to endure the hell that is drop off and pick up time. Seriously, I loathe it when I have to do it. I picked them up last year one day a week so we could get to my daughter's riding lesson on time, but I dreaded it. The other parents drove me crazy. This year they are riding the bus home and we'll just be a few minutes late. lol

    Have a great day and you better go buy some bread. :)

  20. The remembering is the hardest part for me. Well, also the doing part. I'm not so good at following through.

  21. oh gosh. he's gotten bigger. dang, but he's cute.
    i about laughed out-loud at this part: "Every time Wyatt's teacher calls me Mrs. Bramer I want to look over my shoulder,
    wondering what in the hell my mother-in-law is doing at school."

    Ohmyword. :)

  22. and this is EXACTLY why i've been saying that i feel like I AM THE ONE going back to school! haven't taught in 5 years but i feel like with all these responsibilities, even setting an alarm clock again, i am the one going back.
    i am still missing my blogging world but i am going to make yours my homepage because i need this daily laugh -- you crack me up! maybe you should have been a writer amy!
    miss you -- coming home for halloween i think so we'll revisit the pumpkin patch, ok?

  23. Oh I get this! I soooooo get this! It's an awful lot of work...for the moms! And really, like always, I feel like a total crazy haired, always late, artsy-fartsy, un-organized, barely getting by mom. But Rayne is happy...and that's all I care about! I'm glad Wyatt liked his pb&j on hamburger buns...but I know he loves his quick-thinkin' and lovin mama!!!

  24. you crack me up!!! I swear I wish we lived in the same town... we would have to meet for coffee! hilarious! you totally make the sappiness of the big step of kindergarten seem like a very sweet happy fun time! next year for me.... yikes!

  25. I am a mother of six and I can honestly say someday I will be SORRY I wear my pj's in the morning when I drop them off at school. Love the photo of your son's feet and the apple. I am happy to be your 100th follower! :)


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