Monday, September 20, 2010

Well, hello there Monday.
How was your weekend?
I hope it was wonderful and didn't seem to just  totally fly by like ours did.
We spent our weekend at a beautiful State Park in Indiana, about three hours away.
We stay in the Family Cabins and oh, it really is just so much fun.
My parents used to take us when we were little, spending the week
 there with aunts and uncles and cousins.
And now my little family is spending weekends there once a year; with aunts
 and uncles and cousins and second-cousins. 
You know how much I love that.

I think our family, meaning my family on my mom's side, take up about seven or eight cabins.
They are all close to each other and have electricity, indoor plumbing 
and are just the cutest little cabins ever.
These cabins are highly coveted so we make our reservations for
 the following year while we are there each year.
We always go mid-September and this year the leaves were just
 starting to change colors, ever so slightly.

The first picture was taken down in the creek where the waterfall is, which is my favorite spot. 
The kids love walking through the creek, on the rocks, right through the water over to the Falls.
Due to lack of rain the water was low and the Falls were not nearly as pretty 
as usual but still very cool just the same.

I said the Falls were my favorite spot, and that's true, but my very favorite thing about the weekend
 has to be the hayride. Okay, I think I might even be more excited about it than
the kids sometimes, it's that good. 
We go in the evening and it is just so nice and relaxing, it's about a
 45-minute ride through the whole park.

How truly lucky we are to have such beautiful State Parks within driving distance from us.
On our way through Illinois and into Indiana we pass several other State Parks we have
 never been to that I would love to visit a some point.
You can check out a list of State Parks in your state right here.

There's more pictures but I will stop here for today.
Hope everyone is having a great Monday and I hope you join
 me here tomorrow morning for coffee!


  1. Looks like a beautiful place and fun weekend! Nice to have a place to get away that is not too far!

  2. These shots are beautiful...oh how I wish I could enjoy this beauty first hand.

  3. That picture of the rays of sun??? GORGEOUS!

  4. what fun. i love the key in the lock picture. it tells a story.

  5. Ugh. Your pictures having me missing Illinois. I was born and raised there, and until my husband joined the air force and we moved out here to Colorado, I didn't realize how much I need trees in my life. Colorado is not a tree-y state. I love the last one. It reminds me of a park I grew up near that we'd go to all the time.

  6. beautiful pictures! wish I was there! right now.

  7. Looks like you had lovely weather too. Great photos! :)

  8. just gorgeous- what memories you are creating for your kids....

    melissa xx

  9. love, love, love State Parks. . .we have such fun going to them!!

    I love the one of the blue-eyed boy. . .he is so cute and reminds me of my Jake at that age. His hair sort of stuck out like that too!!

  10. What a beautiful getaway! Glad y'all enjoyed.

  11. Traditions....It's what keep the family grounded. This looks like a good one.

  12. i love your photos, but i think i love the fact that you guys have kept the tradition going all these years even more! so wonderful!!

  13. Many nice shots - but the little toes are great! Why don't adults dangle their feet like that and just RELAX with their pants rolled up. Oh to be a kid again!

  14. Your sunlight pics are always amazing.


  15. Your pictures are divine, sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  16. Gorgeous, Amy! Looks very serene and refreshing! {I think I could go for one of those weekends...big time!}

  17. This sounds like such an amazing spot to camp :D It also sounds like MY kinda camping. Your pictures are stunning - I love the lighting in the waterfall one!

  18. These picts are gorgeous, I loved the jeans & bare feet the best, so cute, captures those ages perfectly, and framable!!!

  19. GOrgeous photos. I adore the key in the door and your son wearing that hat makes me swoon. What a doll!


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