{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Man, this past week just flew by because somehow it is already Tuesday.
How did that happen?
Well, it's time for coffee, whether it feels like a Tuesday or not.

So,  if we were really meeting for coffee this morning...

I would brag to you that I am up early in an effort to start a brand new habit:
 getting up early, way early, before the kids.
I do this a couple of times a week already but not daily.
I need to do it daily.
I do love having a little bit of quiet time before they are up,
 let's see how long I can stick with it.

I would tell you that I am going on the kindergarten field trip to the apple orchard today. 
Now don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to going and I am glad I am able to volunteer (really)
 but wow, since I am getting a babysitter for most of the day it would be so nice if I like,
 got to do something alone
Oh well.
I am looking forward to the 25-minute peaceful drive there though.
All by myself.

{And Yes,  the kids and I love Photo booth on my computer, It is fun!}

I would tell you that last week someone left  a note on my Wagoneer in a parking lot last week
 saying that he was interested in buying it. He is coming to look at it tonight.
 I'm trying not to think much about it but deep down I know we cannot keep it forever.
Sometimes being a grown up kinda sucks.

I would wonder aloud...
how did this happen?
 Eddie Vedder went and got married over the weekend in Hawaii.
And not to me, either.

So I would tell you to wish me luck on the field trip today,
 Gotta get going, Mrs. Bramer is running late...
Thanks for meeting me for this quick cup of coffee this morning and remember
 to add your link if you are linking up for coffee this week.
Have a great day!


  1. oh I know how you feel about doing something by yourself, all day.. oh that would be lovely.. I would probably just want to sit around drinking coffee and reading without interruptions. but apple picking will be absolutely marvelous. I will link up later on.
    So nice to have coffee with you :)

  2. I've decide to delurk after enjoying virtual coffee for a couple of weeks. What a fantastic idea.

    Good luck on the field trip (orchard trip? :D) and relish you alone time.

    Well today I got to take my 11 year old to the emergency room, the ankles not broken but yeah, sometimes being a grown up sucks!

    I'm trying to rekindle my habit of going to the gym regularly. I was really good at it for about six years, and then well life happened I stopped going. But I really need it - if not for the physical benefits then for the mental ones :-)

    - Nancy (a hoosier in holland)

  3. I do so love apple orchards. Moving to Colorado was rough our first autumn because the only apple orchard anywhere near us was 1.5 hours away!! We were heart broken.

    Have fun though! Enjoy that car ride!

  4. OMG!!!! I was totally going to post something about Eddie Vedder not marrying me as well! Ha! That is toooooo funny! I've been pining for him since high school! I actually remembered to link up today...yay!

  5. Love the orchard, but with 25 little ones, that's a whole different experience!:)
    I am a big believer in getting up before the kiddos. That hour or so alone in the morning, is my lifesaver. Could not live without it!!
    Enjoy the day

  6. I try to get up before the kids so that I can enjoy the quiet before the storm... It's easier now the mornings are getting darker... I just couldn't beat the sunrise in the summer... my kiddies are like birds! Eddie Vedder got married... I thought he was already?? Who was 'Black' for then? Ahhh that's right me *cough cough*... Take care. Lx

  7. Ohhh lovely! We went to a cider mill today. It was fan-flippin-tastic until the honey bees tried to attack us (1 bee sting in a month is too much for this mama to handle) So enjoy your field trip, your 25 minute drive, and the fresh apples. Yum!

    Cute pictures! :) As always...

  8. I hope that apple orchard was fun. . .I always enjoy going along on field trips. . .a little alone time with only one kiddo!( well, only one of your own!)

    Thanks for hosting virtual coffee! As you can see, I am truly enjoying myself!

  9. And I was happy until I just read that Eddie got married....arrghh! Absolutely love the photobooth shots. The field trip does sound like fun!

  10. My first time here, even though it seems like we share more than a few blogging friends ... and I just have to tell you that this coffe date idea is fabulous! I really, really love it, and I hope I can link up today or next Tuesday.
    Have fun at the orchard and enjoy those quiet 25 minutes! Good to "meet" you. :)

  11. I wish we had apple orchards close by! Hope you enjoyed the peaceful car ride by yourself...that sounds lovely!

  12. a field trip to an apple orchard? sounds so fallish and nice! i hope it was an easy trip today and covered in fun! i love your photo booth app... so cool! where do you find that?!

    thanks for sharing your space today! i hope our week is full of joy!

  13. Hey! Thanks for coffee again this week! I hope the apple orchard was fun. That was always my favorite field trip with my girls. I'm sad about your Wagoneer. :( I know how much you love it!

  14. You are gorgeous.
    Just saying.
    Hope the orchard was fun, and you enjoyed your quiet drive!

  15. Kindergarten field trips...a test of bravery. I should know. I'm sure the teacher loves you.

    Eddie didn't marry me either. *sigh*

  16. An apple orchard? I want to go! We have one in town but we go often enough, this is a reminder!!

    I'm here via Corinne's blog, she mentioned Time for Coffee and I clicked over, glad I did. :)

  17. good job gettin up early! that is hard! i started at the end of the school year last year and it was SO AMAZING and rewarding for me. Now, this year is another story. i expected to fall back into the same deal, buuuut HA! like things could ever be that easy! my 5 aND 3 year old have been hearing me and gettin up too!!!! yuck! no quiet time for getting dressed or talking to God, just a really early morning with EVERYONE! i got re-think this whole thing. so, if it works for your combo right now, just take it and remember that it may not always work, but you can stop and enjoy that moment of quiet. i know you will! take an extra deep breath for me friend! great job!

  18. i envy your tenacity. i need to get up early. the few times it happens around here i think to myself about how great it is, but then the next day i'm back to my old ways. one of these days i'm gonna do it. for reals.

  19. I got up today (sadly not by choice) before the kids because I couldn't go back to sleep after my youngest cried at 5am. Happily, it was really a great morning. I think I'm going to try to keep it going. If they would just invent an alarm clock that drags you out of bed and dumps you in the shower, maybe....

  20. HOw was the field trip, you brave soul? I'm sure you took lots of fabulous pix.

    My ballerinas love Photobooth too. They love to make videos w/all the crazy special effects.

  21. Okay- so I just use photo booth on my macbook which takes pictures right on my computer (for those of you that don't know what i mean) and then i made them look like a strip of photos on picnik.
    does that make sense? : )


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