{On Blogging...and Face-Lifts...and other Stuff}

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday, folks.
So, so, very happy the weekend is here.
 We don't really have much going on this weekend, for which I am so relieved.
Love that.
I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I started this little blog last year,  a whole year ago now. 
And I have never really done the standard "Why I Blog" post yet.
I did answer that question recently though if you want to read it here.
I will say that I am so very happy to have this little space to talk about anything I want, 
to share anything on my mind and to express myself creatively.
 This has truly been a wonderful experience all around. 
I have met some real friends, connected with old friends and have met so many other people 
that I never would have known otherwise. This is my favorite thing about blogging I think.

I have learned a lot about myself and I still have  along way to go...
and I wouldn't have it any other way.
I have learned that not only do I just like taking pictures, I am passionate about it. 
I want to go farther with it.
I am still trying to find my way and exactly what I want to do and where exactly I want to go. 
But I do know that I love looking back over my pictures and stories over this past year. 
It's nice to have these little things recorded because I know I would forget so much otherwise.

"Trying to remember not to forget all the little
 things that make up each day."

The good, the bad and the ugly.
That's what I'm still doing.
 Every day.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me along the way.
For your comments, encouragement, support and love.

And while I am on the topic of blogging I have to tell you, I am ready for a change.
I need something different. A face-lift.
I am tired of this blog, I need something new.
I am trying to decide if I can do this myself or if I should look elsewhere.
Who designed your blog? Did you do it? Hire someone to do it?
I guess I want more of a fresh, updated, professional look. 
But professional what, right? 
Professional blogger? No.
Professional blog-reader? Professional at wasting time on the computer?
Quite possibly.

If you have any advice for me I'd love to hear it.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. "Professional at wasting time on the computer?"

    oh sweetie! Join the club!

    - Nancy

    I'm tossing around the idea of making a free website with Wix...something to...oh dear! I don't know. lol - Nancy

  2. You can try asking beth over at her blog here:


    She gave designed my banner - my photos, her html work. I kept mine simple because I like it that way but I think she is capable of much more.

  3. Like you, I love blogging for the outlet it gives my creative side and the supportive network of friends I've found.

    I actually love the look of your blog, but Designer Blogs did my late out and I've been very happy.

  4. Lots of free blog kits online! The blogs you might consider professional may have purchased a dot com. I love making my own banners. I'll do that for you (free) if you like :)

  5. My blog designer is Karen Valentine at Valentine Designs http://valentinedesign.blogspot.com/ if you tell her what you what she will do exactly that. She can come up with a design to fit either your personality, your business, or "the reason you blog." ~ She is super to work with!

  6. I'm definitely a professional at wasting time on the computer! It helps keep me sane. As you can probably tell, my blog is a total diy job. It's fun to mess around with it though. If you're looking for a blog designer, look at the bottom of blogs you like. Often the designer is noted there.

  7. My blog designer is Tonya at http://luckygirldesignstudio.com/

    I looked into a few different places, but this person really won me over. I loved glancing at her portfolio, and she was very fast to respond to my many questions.

  8. I'm so glad I've met you!

    I feel the same way about photography. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with it as well. My thoughts have changed numerous times...it's an evolution of sorts and I'm sure I'll know when it's the right thing. I do know that I want to upgrade my camera and I need to get a couple more lenses and a lighting kit.

    Oh, and learn more about photoshop. Yes. That would help.

    I am a dimwit when it comes to html and such. I'd have to get someone to design something different. That's why my blog is probably the most basic thing possible.

    There are some good photography portfolio sites out there that are basically a template that you can customize in a variety of ways. There are video tutorials that walk you through all the steps.

  9. oh honey whatever you do to your lovely blog- please DON'T change it too much....i love it just as it is....but perhaps i'm a bit old school....

    promise me when i have my morning cuppa with you- it still FEELS like you...

    i don't think you really need anyone else to direct it- with all that creativity you have- i'm sure you can re-build it somehow on your own...

    i had a *clean-up* and rethink a while ago and changed everything -but just enough so it still felt like me...but more polished...if that makes sense.....

    have a good think over the weekend...and i love you and your blog JUST the way you are.....:)

    melissa xx

  10. I love your beautiful blog. Your photography is amazing and it inspires me to do better. Your honest post, I adore them.

  11. Congratulations on a a year!

  12. No help on the blog design help. Sorry. In January I was crying out for a facelift also, but I just changed it to a different template. Boring.

    I will tell you that some blogs out there are so overdesigned they make me cringe. Your photos speak for your creativity so no need to make anything fancy that will compete with that.

  13. I love the car photo.
    Hope you get the help you want for your blog! I was just messing around with a try-out blog a month or so ago. Pretty snazzy!

  14. I'm sorry for not having any advice on all the things you asked about, I just HAVE to comment on how AMAZING the photo of the green car is! (as apparently most people here also think) ...makes me drool! hah


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