{that little pulling feeling}

Sunday, September 26, 2010

maybe you are not like me. 
maybe you don't occasionally get that pulling feeling on a saturday night like I do.
the one where you wish you had somewhere important to go.
something exciting to do.
just something.
you look at the clock and it's 9:30 and you kind of wish it was one of those rare 
nights where you should be getting ready right about now.
you know, the kind of night that involves putting on eyeliner and maybe
 even lipstick and making last minute plans.
and it doesn't have to be anywhere fancy, it could be anywhere at all.
a drink with friends at the hole-in-the-wall bar.
music from a jukebox, or a band.
lots of conversation and completely random people and characters 
that you are still laughing about days later.
 maybe you don't get that pulling feeling on the occasional saturday night.

but I do.

the one that makes you feel like you should be out there...
somewhere doing something.
just anything.
but then you remember.
that your husband is out of town.
the kids are in bed.
and you are in charge.
so you open up the front window, pour yourself a glass of wine, 
get comfortable on the couch
 hoping you can find a really good movie to watch.
the kind that makes you happy to be home.
so you ignore that feeling, check on the kids, settle on a movie, get your laptop
 and pour yourself another glass of wine.
knowing that the next saturday night you will probably have that little pulling feeling
 that makes you wish you had absolutely no plans at all
 so you could stay home and curl up on the couch, with a glass of wine, all the candles lit 
hoping to find something really good to watch on tv
 or a chance to start that brand-new book you have just been dying to read.


  1. Love this. So well put, beautiful words and beautiful photos.

  2. How lovely, you always write such great posts...and those sunset photos are amazing :)

  3. How true is that!
    I read this and thought Gosh I do that, when I am getting ready to go gadding about I wish I was home, when I am home I want to be Gadding, haha...x

  4. I definitely get that feeling. Yesterday it struck me in the middle of the day so when I put Evie down for a nap I took off to have lunch with my friend. But you're right, it can be equally as nice to take advantage of a quiet night with a good movie. Personally, I can't wait for the Holidays so that I can watch The Holiday over and over again....no other movie makes me feel so happy =0)

  5. Amazing pictures. I know that pulling it happens to me alot.

  6. I do! I do! Then the sigh of 'oh this old routine, this old life' as you settle in with a glass of wine and a dream of something new. Of endless possibilities. x

  7. Wonderful post! Always enjoy reading your posts! So well written, you put me right there on that couch like I was writing about myself!

  8. The pictures are warm and lovely. So lovely! And yes... I get that "pull" I'm a social person. I need it. Crave it even. Not all the time, but just once in awhile. And it feels good when I get it, but it also feels good to curl up with that glass of whiskey (I'm allergic to wine) and curl up on the couch.

  9. Were you spying on me last night? Because I was feeling the EXACT same way...and do feel that way often. Almost as if my social life doesn't exist outside of being a mother.

  10. your words and photos transport me! such beautiful thoughts and images.

  11. this is so funny... I got that same feeling just last night... we were driving home from a dinner out with my parents... the kids were passed out asleep in the backseat... my husband and I looked at eachother... let's drive downtown... down Mainstreet... we do this every once in awhile... check on our old places... our old favorite holes in the walls... the bands were playing, the young loves were walking holding hands... we drove so slow... maybe just to take it in a little bit longer... then we looked at eachother once again... and laughed... let's go home... so we came home poured some wine, put the kiddies to bed... and curled up on the sofa....

  12. Oh yes. I know that pulling. Thankfully, every now and then, I get to follow that pulling and go out for a night and dance with friends or go out for coffee or a spontaneous date with Evan.

    Oh yes. I do so know that pulling.

  13. Know it well. Tonight I had the opportunity to go out to a movie with a friend. I was giddy w/excitement at first, but then by mid afternoon I was happy w/the idea of curling up at home alone.

  14. I'm the same way, with the opposites of my personality often at odds.

  15. I know those feeling very well. Beautiful pictures!

  16. love your blog....
    your photos...
    your thoughts and words.

    so glad to have stumbled upon your bits of beauty!


  17. Nope. Not alone.

    We usually try to grab a bite out on Saturdays for just that reason. True, The Offspring are in tow...but I'll take what I can get.

    We can party after they go to bed, huh?


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