On Assignment :: Part 2

Saturday, November 27, 2010

so, a while back i talked about going on assignment to take pictures my husband needed for a committee he is on. okay, so it wasn't like a real assignment, like an actual paying job or anything,  but it was fun. and it was right up my alley; old cool buildings, historical homes and churches. sigh. oh, the details in the architecture. the art, the craftsmanship, the design. i love it all. can't get enough. i feel like i am really showing my age (hello dad!) but i can't help myself; they really just don't make things like they used to. it's a fact. and i am officially old...but that's another post entirely.

give me an old cool church with real stained glass windows and a steeple over a mega-church warehouse any day. same with old houses. i am not knocking all new houses (or people that live in them, for that matter), i realize old historical homes aren't for everyone but if we all subscribed to the "let's tear it down and build something new and bigger and better" theory, look at what we would be left with. it wouldn't be pretty, folks. and we would lose all that history. that's depressing to me. really depressing. there are so many stories to be told and things to learn from these houses and buildings and from people. the people who lived in these houses and went to these churches, whose grandfather helped build these old buildings or knew people who lived in the houses. i don't want all of that to be lost.

how fun would it be to go around to different towns and photograph buildings and houses and places like this for a living? oooh, i would so love a job like that. that's a job i could handle. but for now i will just take my monthly newsletter photography assignment and pretend like my little partner and i are really out on assignment (it sounds way more official) and love every second of it while thinking to myself; "maybe some day......"
i hope everyone is having a great  holiday weekend!
and for those of you not celebrating this holiday, i hope you are having a lovely weekend as well!
we have been busy and busier and i am really looking forward to tomorrow because we don't have anything going on. tonight i have a date with jake gyllenhaal my girlfriend to see "love & other drugs". 
popcorn and a great friend and yummy jake gyllenhaal. i'm looking forward to it! 
it will be an early night though because
 i am still recovering from a little too much fun last night. ouch.
happy saturday y'all.


  1. darnit!
    i just wrote a novel of a comment...and then the internet had to spazz and not load the page correctly. :P

    well, all i have to say in short is that i totally agree with you. on houses, etc....i'm speechless. got all my words out first time around. :(

    beautiful captures, though!

  2. love old houses and buildings and your photos capture their beauty so well.
    enjoy the movie!

  3. These are amazing shots!!! Are they lucky, or what, to get your talent and your amazing photographic eye, for FREE?!?! :D

  4. Have you been to england? Boy, you would love the buildings over here. I live in a tiny village, but we have a big 12th century church. Our nearest City, Norwich, is said to have a pub for every day of the year and a church for every Sunday. It's not quite likr that though, although out Cathedral is spectacular, and our Norman Castle (approx 1080 AD) is still used daily as a museum, complete with dungeons and torture chambers. If you're interested I would be happy to send you some leaflets/brochures about my county (Norfolk) My e-mail is
    Blessings from the UK

  5. Gorgeous photos and houses! I heart old buildings. My dream house is an old farmhouse.

  6. Amen! I love the old side of things.

    I hope Jake was a good date!

  7. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!!! LOVE these! :)


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