{with a side of marshmallows}

Monday, November 29, 2010

So I did it.
And by IT, I mean the Christmas pictures. I took the kids' pictures yesterday.
 And the absolutely astonishing thing about that?
 I took them on November 28. A whole month before Christmas.
Not December 19, which is much more typical of me but in November. Amazing.

We were headed to grandma & grandpa's house yesterday to hang out while
Eric was at home studying and we stopped at the park near their house for pictures
and we were done in about a half an hour or so.
 Honestly, I didn't really feel like spending forever on this little photo shoot
 or stressing over it. I was not looking for perfection, that's for sure.
We made a big thermos of hot cocoa and grabbed our mugs and marshmallows 
and kept it super simple. And stress-free. And I think it was a good plan.
No snapping or threatening from this mama. Which is always a good thing.

Happy Monday everyone!
I love Mondays. Seriously.
You know why?
Monday is the one day Eric is in town so he does school drop off in the morning and my sister-in-law picks up on Mondays. I love having just one day that I don't have to do it at all.
We usually go to tumbling on Monday morning but they have the day off today so we don't have to get around and ready for that either. Yay!
So we're in our pajamas still being pretty lazy still trying to recover from
the excitement of the weekend. Yep, love Mondays.
Now to decide on which lovely little picture for our Christmas card. Any thoughts?



  1. you are a rock star! i want to take pics this year of my kids for christmas cards, unlike most years i when i wait to long and then never send any out.

    i love the last one! but i also love the one with wyatt's head leaning into charlotte's. your kiddos are sooo cute!

  2. love the pics....those polka dot mugs are tooooo cute!!!

  3. Ohmyword, the cuteness.
    *faints dead away*

  4. wow these are SO good!! I like the bottom picture the best, but whatever you choose will be great because they are all super cute! Good job!! :) enjoy your relaxing Monday!!

  5. i love all of them!!! i would pick the last one ... "drinking in joy" :)

  6. So much loveliness! I love the one with them looking up at the sky and dreaming

  7. my fav is the one where the kiddos are laying down staring into the sky. but the mugs of hot cocoa are such fun props!

  8. Beautiful, beautiful photos. I agree the staring at the sky shot is gorgeous, and I also like the one they're both looking bang on at the camera with your son smiling. All worthy though.

  9. Wow they are all great...I say do a collage card this year!!:)
    Hope you enjoyed your lazy monday.

  10. these are wonderful! so, so sweet!

  11. That is going to be hard to pick just one... They are all so good. If I had to narrow it down I would say the last one(: I love the painted finger nails too!!

  12. Adorable!! These are fantastic Christmas photos. You might have to make a BIG collage Christmas card though. I don't think I could pick a favorite, they are all so nice!

  13. They are all great, what a tough decision!! I think if I HAD to choose it would be between the kissing one and the looking up at the sky one.

  14. Nice work, girly. I like the marshmallow theme.

    We do a family pic. Usually it's just under the wire...but this year I have scheduled it. We shall see how it goes.

    I can't wait until Xmas break for some lazy no rush mornings. The countdown is on.

  15. I always love your photos. I just bought a new camera this week and have high hopes to take some shots with as much character as yours. Stop by my blog if you have any photography tips for me! Thanks!

  16. These are so sweet! I have a vision of a Christmas card in my head. We'll see if I actually get around to it. And if I can get anywhere close to my vision.

    Oh, and I just found the cutest snowmen marshmallows. Can't wait to whip them out for the ballerinas next time we have cocoa. :)

    Thanks for the kind thoughts regarding my mom. I really appreciate it.

  17. you have the loveliest blog and most enduring pictures! so glad i found your blog! xo


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